November Home School Round Up

Join us in celebrating the end of our reviewing year! The homeschool Review Crew members have cast their votes and presented 25 Blue Ribbons to 19 companies.

During the last month of the 2020 Crew year we reviewed some incredible products. A few of these companies were awarded multipl awards by our reviewers.

Welcome to the November Homeschool Collection! We’re so excited you have joined us to enjoy some homeschool encouragement. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and find a quiet corner and allow our team to share some of their thoughts with you.

Annette from A Net in Time

Kristen from A Mom’s Quest to Teach

Lisa from Homeschool Notes

  • Online Homeschool Reading Programs at a Glance – Teaching your child to read has never been easier with all the online homeschool reading programs readily available. This post describes the options based on age or grade level, skills covered, awards given, parent involvement needed, and price.
  • A Simple Way to Get a 5 Year Old to Write Without Complaining – Writing takes lots of mental and physical effort that can easily overwhelm young ones. A simple way to get a five year old to write without complaining is to start with labeling pictures. This post teaches you how.
  • Geography Games and Toys for the Whole Family – Geography games and toys for the whole family are the ticket to building warm memories with your children and learning at the same time. Here are five products worth checking out!

Richie from Homeschool and Humor

  • Which Homeschool Method Is Right For You? – Do you like to an easy flow throughout your homeschool day with direction and purpose? Most of us do – the less stress and anxiety the better, if you ask me. And one of the best ways to get this seamless flow to your homeschool is by knowing there are various types of homeschool methods – or styles – you can use! Read on to learn how to decide which homeschool method is right for you!
  • How To Show Your Daughter Her True Worth – Daughters carry with them all the skills and life teachings that mom has taught them. As she grows, show her her worth through mother-daughter journaling with Truth Becomes Her. Read how my daughter and I grew our bond with God in the center and you and your daughter can too!
  • What’s Your Child’s Learning Style? Take the Quiz! – Using the VAK system, you could have a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner on your hands. Discover which type of learner your child is and how to teach them according to their learning style!
  • Discover Your Child’s Homeschool Learning Style & Resources for Each Style

Michelle from The Brave Homeschooling Mama

  • Gameschooling: Math – In this video, I share games to use for gameschooling in math.
  • Gameschooling: Geography – In this video, I share games for gameschooling geography.

Michelle from Life in the Nerddom

Yvie from Homeschool On the Range

Dawn from Schoolin’ Swag

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