February Homeschool Collection

Welcome to the February Homeschool Collection. The new Crew year has begun and we have two great products for you to read about: Year 2 of Geography for Kids by Let’s Go Geography and The Unbreakable Faith Course by Pilgrim’s Rock.

We have some wonderful guest posts from our Crew for you to look over

Yvie from Homeschool On the Range

  • Making a Historic Newspaper – Bring a time period or historic era to life through a homeschool newspaper! This activity incorporates many styles of learning and modalities of intelligence and will help to cement the concepts and events you are studying…
  • Wilderness Survival for Kids – In “My Side of the Mountain,” Sam runs away to the wilderness to escape his family. He is tested and discovers strength and self-confidence. Today, the Boy Scouts teach survival skills in their Wilderness Survival badge. A century ago, we all knew these things, but now they must be learned on purpose…
  • Should You be You-Tube Schooling? – The advantages and disadvantages of using YouTube for school, plus a look into several alternatives to the platform to boost audio-visual learners!

Richie from Homeschool & Humor

  • The Longterm Benefits of Homeschooling [With Research] + Free Workbook – Are you wondering about homeschooling your children, but just not sure how much of an impact it could possibly have on them? How would it benefit your family? You wonder, is it even worth it? Every homeschool mom has been at these crossroads, curious about the benefits of homeschooling and if home education is the right direction to take. Relax and breathe with these reassurances: After thorough research, you may be pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming factual evidence and data that proves just how much your children will benefit from homeschooling, including such benefits in anti-bullying, love of learning, higher test scores, character development, and, yes, even socialization! Immerse yourself within this intensive scope into research data acquired just for you on the long-term benefits of homeschooling your child. And for added guidance, a free customized workbook is included in the article to help you pen to paper how your family can benefit from homeschooling.
  • 10 Best Games To Play For Family Game Night – Looking for some fun family games with educational values? Check out these top 10 fun family games to play at home that teaches cooperative play, strategy, and teamwork! Young children up to grown folk will love all of the games on this list.

Annette from A Net in TIme

  • The Stretching He Causes – A Poem considering the growth created when teaching a lad, he stretches me and makes me more than I was before.
  • Science Experiment Fails – Things you can do when you have a science experiment that doesn’t turn out as expected.
  • Reading Aloud with Teens – The benefits of having read-aloud books even with your high school students. read together, it’s good for both of you.
  • Turkey Vegetable Soup – My son needed food for a fundraiser, turkey vegetable soup was our answer. The recipe follows. 🙂

Kristen from A Mom’s Quest to Teach

Tracy from Happy Homeschool Mom

Lisa from Homeschool Notes

  • How to Make a Letter Writing Kit – Making a letter-writing kit encourages independence, because everything your children need for writing letters is in one place. Read about what to include in your letter writing kit and how to introduce letter writing to your child. A free download of a friendly letter sample is included.
  • When to Teach Your Child to Read – In this article, we’ll talk about why you shouldn’t start reading instruction too early, what signs to look for that show your child is ready to read, and when to slow down, if necessary. When we know what not to do and know what to look for, we can rest assured that we’re helping our children get off to a positive start in reading.
  • Change the Way You See Your Preschool Writer – We hesitate to call preschoolers writers because they are limited in what they can produce on paper. Their drawings can be unrecognizable, and they don’t have a grasp on letter formation, let alone letter knowledge. How many times has your preschooler proudly brought you a piece of writing and you had to ask, “What does it say?” Read about how to change your perspective and learn practical ways to treat them like writers.

Alyssa from Teaching with Faith

  • Shape Freebie – Here is a great way to reinforce or teach rectangles to your preschooler. It is a small lap book that can be printed for your child.
  • Farm Review Week – This is a great resource of a variety of farm-related preschool activities.

Jennifer from Homeschool Fanatic

Megan from My Full Heart

Dawn from Schoolin’ Swag

Karen from Tots and Me…Growing Up Together

  • Penguin Unit- Lesson 1 How Penguins Stay Warm and Dry plus a Shape Penguin Craft – This is the first lesson in our Penguin unit. We learned about Antarctica and added in science by discussing how penguins stayed warm. The children made a shape penguin in a snowy environment craft.
  • Penguin Unit- Lesson 2: Emperor Penguins – In this second lesson, we focused specifically on Emperor Penguins. We read a book, made a paper plate/toilet roll craft of the daddy penguin standing in the snow holding an egg on his feet. Then we added math by measuring how tall an Emperor penguin is.
  • Penguin Unit- Lesson 3: Comparing Penguins of the World – In this third penguin lesson, we learned about other penguins in the world, learned the name of eight of them, and discovered some fact about them. We added in geography by placing the different penguins on a map. Then we added math by measuring the sizes of the different penguins. We made a handprint penguin craft, and an all about penguins lapbook.
  • Under the Sea Unit: Introduction and All About Fish Book – We began an Under the Sea unit, discussing different creatures that live under the sea. The children made an under the sea craft. We also made handprint fish pictures and put together a book about fish.

Sharon from The Secret Life of Homeschoolers

Debbie from Homeschooling Dietitian Mom

  • 10 Healthy Dinner Ideas – I know how much fun new recipes are. No matter how many cookbooks, how many awesome cooking and food websites I become aware of, I still get excited when I find a new tasty recipe to try. This is why I decided to roundup these 10 tasty dinner ideas that your kids will love as well!
  • 10 Things the Bible Does Not Say About Race – There is a lot of conflict today related to the concept of race. And there are a lot of accusations flying around. But what exactly does the Bible say about race? Or better yet, what does the Bible NOT say? Here are 4 things the Bible does not say about race.
  • Who Was St. Patrick? – As a Protestant, I’m ashamed to say that I have never heard about St. Patrick in church. Maybe somewhere he was discussed, however, I don’t remember learning about him in church in the 30+ years I’ve been a Christian. I researched him on my own and this is what I found.
  • 10 Ways to Encourage Math and Reading – Does your child hate school? Mine does. Part of the reason for this is that he has a rough time with the writing process. He also has had an extremely difficult time learning his math facts, and spelling is a nightmare. We have tried so many things! Some have worked, some haven’t. Find out which ones here.

Teresa from Teresa Brouillette

  • St. Patrick The Early Missionary – free printables – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by remembering we are all called to be missionaries. Here are resources to focus on the true history of a young man called to share the gospel in a foreign land.
  • Reading To Children – Regularly reading to children is the best habit parents can establish. Although it can feel challenging, there are creative ways to keep kids engaged.
  • When the Baby is the Lesson – If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to homeschool older kids with a crying baby and busy preschooler, be encouraged. There are lessons happening that you may not be seeing.

Sarah from Mustard Seed Adventures

Patty from A Mother’s Random Thoughts

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