Self-Paced Online Math Courses for Homeschoolers

This article is in collaboration with TabletClass Math. Homeschool parents often cite math as the most difficult, scary subject to teach. This might be because, even though the concepts are concrete and black-and-white, the methods are not always so clear-cut. Fortunately, there are online math programs like TabletClass Math. In this online math program, teacher … Read more

Online Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

This article is in collaboration with CTCMath. Parents looking for a comprehensive, affordable, and online math curriculum for their children will want to explore CTCMath. CTCMath is a complete, online math curriculum available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. This online math curriculum boasts many excellent features. What this Online Math Curriculum Includes Video Tutorials – … Read more

Master Math with Math Essentials

This article is in collaboration with Math Essentials. Most students have struggled with mastering math at some point in their life. Math Essentials offers students fun, concise, and easy-to-understand resources that lead to success for students. Rick Fisher, known as America’s Math Teacher, has over 31 years of experience teaching math. In addition to teaching, … Read more

Maximize Your Math Potential with Math Videos

This article is in collaboration with Singapore Math Live – Math Videos. Brenda Barnett is a homeschooling parent with a passion to help homeschooling families maximize math potential. Brenda launched Singapore Math Live with math videos to provide video support for parents who want to use the Singapore Math Primary US Edition. Math Videos from … Read more

His Vessel Textbooks Brings God into Your Homeschool with Their Algebra Curriculum

This article is in collaboration with His Vessel Textbooks – Algebra Curriculum. When you think of math, what do you think of? Something like “rules,” “answers,” and “problems,” right? That is an entirely reasonable summary of the subject. But what if you thought of something else when you imagined math? Try “faith,” “God,” and “Biblical … Read more

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