A Complete Online Math Curriculum for All Homeschool Levels

This article is in collaboration with CTCMath. 

CTCMath is an online math curriculum designed to facilitate independent learning. High school is a time for independent learning and math is an excellent subject to start due to it being a straightforward subject. There are videos for every lesson with printable worksheets (so the student can get away from the computer for a while). Online diagnostic tests are also available per topic. The parent is confident that no math lesson is missed by the independent high schooler. 

Online Math with an Organized Mastery Approach

But CTCMath is not just for those tricky calculus and trigonometry topics. It is a complete online math curriculum from kindergarten all the way up to high school. Each year’s level is systematically divided by areas such as:

  • Number, Patterns and Algebra,
  • Measurement,
  • Space and Geometry, and
  • And Statistics and Probability.

These areas are further divided into topics, evolving and increasing in difficulty as the grade level progresses. In Kindergarten, for example, the topics under Measurement include:

  • length,
  • capacity and area,
  • mass, and
  • time.

In 5th Grade, the topics under Measurement include: 

  • time,
  • speed,
  • units of measure, and
  • area and volume.

The organization is the same up to middle school, giving it a mastery approach. Each year level topics build up on the previous year’s. But there is no stress and pressure for the student—they can pause, rewind, or repeat a lesson until they fully understand it. 

The video lessons are short—four minutes or less—and are voiced by a friendly-sounding teacher. Some videos employ animation to aid the more visual learner. The student gets to practice the concepts immediately after every lesson as well, which is perfect for the kinesthetic learner. 

High school has specialized courses such as Algebra and Pre-Calculus. Regardless of the grade levels, CTCMath is consistently organized and thorough in the presentation of topics. 

Course Planner

Even with independent learning as the foremost goal, the parent has access to everything. This is one of the advantages of having an online math curriculum. The parent sets the passing grade (and most importantly, the student password!). The parent view provides access to the Course Planner. This is an excellent tool, especially for a family with more than one child. The parent assigns the grade level of math (and customizes the topics if necessary). For example, the student is already an expert in Addition and Subtraction, knows it backwards and forwards—feel free to skip those and focus on other topics at the same grade level. Weekly reports are emailed to the parent and inform the parent how many lessons were completed.

Task Setting for an Online Math Resource

The Task Setting allows the parent to create tasks or homework for the student. It is very systematic: (1) the parent adds lessons, diagnostic tests, and question banks per homework task; (2) the program then informs the student when a task is created, (3) and the parent has the option to be automatically emailed a Task Report when a task falls due.    

Question Bank Wizard and Exam Functionality 

The Question Bank Wizard is essentially where the parent can glean questions to test the student. It is easily customizable if, for instance, the parent wants to reassess the student’s understanding of a specific area. With the streamlined exam creator, exams are created in a quick, step-by-step manner. The parent can mix match questions—just select the topics and lessons and questions are generated. The exam duration and other details such as recipients, exam title, reading time, and exam window are adjustable under settings. And finally, the parent has the option to be emailed the Exam Report when the exam window ends. (The informative real-time reporting gives the parent immediate insights into the student’s performance during exams.) The parent user guide provides a short how-to video of the custom exam creator.        

However, sometimes the student needs to go back to a previous year’s lesson, such as reviewing the method for solving an equation. It is easy to do that with an online math curriculum like CTCMath, because the student has access to all year levels at once. Going out of the website and searching online is unnecessary, thus saving time.

There are a lot of tools to take advantage of in CTCMath. Check out their YouTube channel now for short tutorials and tips. What’s more, the company supports homeschooling. It is one subscription for the whole family! Find out more about their amazing deal for homeschoolers!

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