Teen Rebel?  Find Peace in Your Homeschool.

Homeschooling high school sometimes scares parents. How will they meet the changing needs of their high schoolers? Will they be able to provide a rigorous enough curriculum for their children? And what happens if their eager twelve-year-old turns into a teen rebel and no longer enjoys learning? Those parents can look to their Bible, friends and family, and The Old Schoolhouse® for advice and encouragement. 

Curriculum for Your Teen

One of the concerns of parents homeschooling high schoolers relates directly to curriculum. Parents want to continue to provide a Christian Worldview but with material that fits the needs of their growing children. If their children want to pursue college, the curriculum must be rigorous and help them prepare for that path. If they want to pursue a trade or start their own business, there are curricula out there to help meet those goals as well. 

One place to look for a curriculum for your teen is right here on HomeschoolingFinds.com. From mathematics for your teen such as CTCMath, TabletClass Math, and Math Essentials to classical education resources from Memoria Press, parents will find a variety of resources on our website. 

And don’t forget the curriculum division of The Old Schoolhouse®—SchoolhouseTeachers.com offers over 400 courses for you and your family to add in to your homeschool schedule. Parents and teens can select from individual courses or use the School Boxes that are set up for ninth through twelfth grades. And if your child is interested in college, there is an entire section of preparing for college with college planning sheets, high school and college help, and more. 

What Happens if Your Child is a Teen Rebel?

A teen rebel can be found in any family. It doesn’t matter if a family is Christian, secular, a single-parent home, or a multi-generational home, teens may feel the need to rebel no matter how they were raised. 

Deborah Wuehler, editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, shared, “There are as many reasons for teens to rebel as there are rebellious teens, but most of them probably point back to an unregenerate heart of sin that is unwilling to yield itself to authority.” That authority can take many forms from you and your spouse to God. 

But you do not need to feel alone. God comforts the brokenhearted. He will comfort you and your spouse as well as your teen rebel. It may not be you who is causing them to rebel. Our teen rebels are being fed lies by the enemy. Provide them with the truth as you provide them with your love and prayers. 

Find Peace in Your Homeschool 

During this difficult time, continue to listen to your children. They might just provide you with the tools you need to help them, to reach them on their journey. If you are homeschooling a teen rebel, you have more time to reach him or her as you will be spending much time together. This is one of the many blessings of homeschooling our children. 

Remain consistent in your prayers. God is listening to you even if your teen rebels do not seem to be listening. If you are looking for specific Bible verses, the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show shares some in two episodes on raising teen rebels: 

And over the years, homeschool parents have shared advice with readers of “The Homeschool Minute.” You can find that advice here: 

Teen Rebel? Find Peace in Your Homeschool.

Parenting Teen Rebels 

Provide your teen rebel with love. Spend time with him or her. Provide examples of your love and God’s love every day. It may take years for a heart to change, but keep praying for your child and those who enter his or her life to help bring a turnaround. And finally, do you have any advice for other parents of teen rebels? 

HomeschoolingFinds.com Author

This article has been written by Kristen Heider. She is the Business Building Team Manager of The Old Schoolhouse® and the Social Media Manager of HomeschoolingFinds.com. She shares more about her family’s homeschooling journey at A Mom’s Quest Teach.

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