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Reading Kingdom Reviews

Teaching Children Ages 4-10 How to Read (Reading Kingdom Review)

The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been spending time reviewing two educational products that were shared with us by the Reading Kingdom. The crew was given access to either the Reading Kingdom Online program, or the newer ASD Reading (Autism Spectrum Disorder Reading.) Reading Kingdom can teach children to read and write to a third grad level, […]

2015 Reviews

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

Foreign Language Courses for all ages (Middlebury Interactive Languages Review)

From years of experience teaching adults to master not only the language, but culture, of a foreign country, Middlebury Interactive Languages was born. This is an immersion style online program which covers the languages of Spanish, French, German and Chinese from kindergarten through 12th grade. The online courses are self-paced and provide a multimedia approach […]

USAopoly Schoolhouse Review Crew Reviews 2

Fun for Family Games Night (USAopoly Review)

USAopoly is a company that is serious about games and bringing families together! Their goal is “to show our passion through each and every game we make.”  They have been a leading developer and manufacturer of many well-loved games since 1994. Members of the TOS Review Crew had the opportunity to review two of their fun-filled, fast-paced, family games: Wonky: The Crazy Cubes […]

YWAM Publishing Reviews

Heroes of History and Christian Heroes Books (YWAM Publishing Review)

As parents, all of us wish to point to worthy heroes as examples to our children. Sadly, our culture seldom promotes those values and character qualities that one can pronounce as “heroic.” If this has been a concern in your heart you will undoubtedly find the Schoolhouse Crew’s newest review encouraging. YWAM Publishing is a company that desires to […]

Fascinating Education Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Reviews

Online Science for Homeschool Middle and High School (Fascinating Education Review)

Fascinating Education is a full online science curriculum created by Dr. Margulies.  Dr. Margulies wanted to encourage a love of science and he has found a way to take the technology that kids want to use and brings science to life. Fascinating Education offers online science  for middle and high school. In Fascinating Education,  the teaching process approaches […]

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Spotlight on the Crew

How to Plan a Field Trip for your Homeschool Group

How To Plan a Field Trip for Your Homeschool Group

Homeschooling provides so much flexibility to families.  It also opens up the doors to a wide variety of extra learning opportunities. You do not need to live in large cities in order to find wonderful field trip opportunities.Planning a field trip can be an overwhelming task.  But as overwhelming as it can be, it’s a […]

5 Tips to Help When Homeschooling in Chronic Pain

5 Tips to Help When Homeschooling in Chronic Pain

Whether you are suffering from a long term illness, or a short term injury, living in constant pain is hard! Some days may be better than others, but overall you have to make a choice every day. You can take all of your pain medication and not function normally or skip the pain medication and […]

Our Roadschooling Journey

Our Roadschooling Journey

Roadschooling :  a form of homeschooling that involves traveling, allowing the places and experiences to drive learning (compatible with, but not the same as, Unschooling) My husband’s job requires full-time travel, but at the detriment of our family.  Or at least, it used to be that way.  Three years ago, we pulled the kids from school and […]

Considering Homeschool as a Military Family?

Considering Homeschool as a Military Family?

It was never my intention to be a homeschool mom. Have you watched the reality TV shows about homeschool families who eat raw meat and are socially inept? Yeah, me too. That was never going to be me. No way, no how, would I ever homeschool. As the old saying goes, “Never say never.”   […]

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