A Resource Guide for Your Homeschool

There is a plethora of homeschool resources available. So where do you go to find out about all the wonderful homeschool curriculum, books, and more available? The Old Schoolhouse® offers several different ways for you to read about homeschool resources: from HomeschoolApp.com, where you can access current and past issues of the magazine, The Homeschool Minute, and HomeschoolingFinds.com, to specific items like the resource guide within The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

For Spring 2024, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine shares quite a few favorites in the resource guide. Over the years we have shared these resources not only in the magazine but also through Homeschool Lives, evaluations on HomeschoolingFinds.com, and the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show. Let’s dive into a few today! 

History Plus

“It does make it [history] unboring as we like to say.” —Daniel Allers 

Learning history is no longer boring as History Plus brings history to life with in-person and online classes. They offer new content each month where they present information about what occurred in history. Then you, as the parent, can fit it in with your own worldview. Subjects and topics are combined because they are all interconnected. “We teach the worlds of history, science, and geography in a fun way that really engages with kids,” shared Daniel Allers in a recent Homeschool Live interview

My Teaching Library

My Teaching Library offers you options for a full curriculum as well as supplemental materials for your current curriculum. You can either purchase materials individually or subscribe with an annual subscription or a lifetime subscription. There are hundreds and hundreds of PDFs available for preschool up to twelfth grade with new materials being added regularly. 

To stay-up-date on new materials from My Teaching Library, you can join the Facebook group or sign up for the newsletter. Lynda Ackert, the founder of My Teaching Library, is also a lesson designer of two courses at SchoolhouseTeachers.com. Her courses are 

There are thousands of printable downloads to help your children build specific skills as they progress in their academics. You can read more about My Teaching Library in a past evaluation on our site.  

Resource Guide: A Look at Writing with Rhythm & Writing

Rhythm & Writing was developed by an occupational therapist to teach children to write the correct way. It is an award-winning handwriting program that is perfect for children starting on their writing journey or those who need some extra help. 

This fun program includes a handwriting workbook, teacher’s manual, and engaging music videos to help guide your child. The music videos are an eclectic mix of jazz, hip-hop, and rock, which your children will be singing while they write. 

Learn more about Rhythm & Writing here: 

Towers of Light Christian Resources

Would you like to include more quality literature in your homeschool day? What about adding in a few unit studies to go along with those books? The Tower of Light Christian Resources offers a variety of ways to enrich your homeschool. 

From the Towers of Lights series by Allen Brokken to the Circle C Beginnings Curriculum Pack by Susan Marlow with Bonus Audio, your children can enjoy their homeschool studies while digging deeper into books they will love. The multimedia curriculum offered is based on the read-while-listening method that’s been shown to improve vocabulary, reading speed, and comprehension.

A Resource Guide for Your Homeschool

There’s Still More in the Resource Guide! 

We’ve only highlighted a few of the wonderful resources mentioned in the Spring 2024 Resource Guide. You will also find more about the following companies, curriculum, and resources: 

  • American School 
  • Child Diagnostics/Dianne Craft 
  • Designer Ed 
  • Lifeway Christian Resources
  • Homeschooling Special Needs Expo
  • New Classics Study Guides 

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