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The Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew from Rhythm & Writing provides children with the practice they need to become better writers in a fun way. This program helps encourage forming letters correctly by engaging them in a story that follow The Crew, a band of animals who sing songs about letter formations. This program is great for beginners to writing or for children who may need a little more practice!

Our review team has had the chance to test out this program in the past couple of weeks and you can read those individual reviews below!

The Workbook:

The workbook is a spiral bound book with that begins with a Introduction that explains why the book is beneficial. When children do not learn how to form their letters properly their hands tire more quickly and they write slower. This program helps to correct that issue by focusing letter by letter and how each one is formed with easy phrases they can remember. After the introduction comes the Steps To Success. On this page you will find tips on making the program a success. Then comes the pre-assessment. There is a pre-assessment and a post assessment so you can gauge how your child’s handwriting has changed throughout the program. The pre-assessment also gives you an idea what letters your child is struggling with.

The Lessons:

The lessons begin with a story and coloring page about The Crew. The Crew are a band of animals who sing songs about how to form letters. The stories are short but also can teach lessons along with how to write. There is a song to help remember letter formations in each that can be sung with enthusiasm to help encourage the kids to get excited about learning letter formation. After the story they get the opportunity to practice writing each letter on it’s own page. The writing guides are colored red, yellow, and green to resemble a stop light and help the kids recognize where to begin their letter and where to end. First they will learn the phrase to each letter and then there are letters to trace the progressively gets harder to help guide them. This progression starts with tracing a grey line which moves to dotted lines and then in the end the child will be writing the letter on their own. Each stroke of the letter in practiced. Each story lesson also comes with a coloring page. Even these have a purpose. The coloring pages help with pencil grip and hand strength. The kids will pull more than just handwriting skills from this program. In the back of the textbook are opportunities to create learning opportunities in the stories. There are several tips to using the stories included in the textbook to expand each lesson into a literacy lesson.

Program Supplemental Materials

Dry Erase Overlays are available so the kids can practice the lessons again and again until mastery. These are available on the Rhythm & Writing website. Online videos for each letter are also available. These videos show how each letter is formed and are fun and engaging for the children. They help give that extra instructional teaching. Each letter is formed several times for the kids to see. The online videos are fun and memorable.

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Rhythm & Writing with the Get Write Crew Reviews

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