6th to 8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra) and High School Math (Algebra to Calculus) Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Thinkwell Homeschool. Teaching math can be difficult for many parents. Whether your child is struggling to understand or it is you as a parent struggling to teach math topics that you have not used in many years. Thinkwell Homeschool offers Video based courses to help parents with their kids … Read more

2019 Blue Ribbon Awards

Wow, we’ve had an exceptional year meeting new Vendors and renewing old acquaintances. Our team has really enjoyed using amazing products and sharing their thoughts and insights with the greater home educating community. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our 2019 Blue Ribbon Awards as nominated by the 2019 Homeschool Review … Read more

God’s Mail: Volume 3 Reviews

This article is in collaboration with God’s Mail. For the last several weeks, members of the Home School Review Crew have been reading God’s Mail: Volume 3. Written by Ronald Hardin, this collection of poems addresses the challenges of both believers and non-believers. Ron began his own ministry when he was 28 when he began … Read more

Elephant Learning Math Academy Subscription Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Elephant Learning. For a parent, it can get very frustrating when a child struggles with math. It’s even more frustrating for the student. Thankfully, there is an online resource available for the homeschool family that can help evaluate the student’s math level, identify knowledge gaps and help the child … Read more

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