Crack the Phonics Skills Code

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Some kids pick up reading without a hitch, while others need more practice. Teaching reading can be a struggle for a homeschooling parent when phonics skills are not grasped. Little Lions Literacy takes the mystery out of teaching phonics, introducing the concepts in an easy, non-invasive manner, making homeschool reading instruction easy for the parent and enjoyable for the child.

Crack the Code to Teaching Phonics

Easy to Teach

Little Lions Decodable Books are open and go. Parents do not need a teacher’s manual. They will find an introduction to each concept on the first page of each book, along with comprehension questions and extension activities at the end of each book. The format is the same for each short book. The consistency provides comfort of structure and ease of use as they work through each book. 

Easy to Store

The first set of the Little Lions Decodable Books, a colorful resource with sixteen readers, is neatly packaged in a cardboard container. All three sets provide a simple storage solution. Incorporate the books into your homeschool routine as a stand-alone resource or in addition to a current reading curriculum. 

Little Lions Decodable Books from Little Lions Literacy

Easy to Learn

These readers teach phonics skills systematically, with short vowel sounds, digraphs, floss rules, blends, and high-frequency words. With such engaging text and pictures, your child will be so thrilled that he can complete a book with ease that he will not even realize he is learning! The books are set up with the words on the left-hand side and a related picture on the right-hand side. If you have a child who struggles with reading and tries to figure out the words based on the image, you can simply fold the page and have him focus on the text. Once the child makes it through the few sentences left, the picture on the right can be revealed—almost as a “reward” for completing the sentences.

Little Lions Literacy books

Easy to Understand

On the other hand, if pictures help your child figure out the words, they can help build confidence in his reading. Every child learns differently, and as parents work through these readers, they can begin to gauge what works for their child and what does not so they can help them succeed.

Easy for Homeschoolers

These readers are excellent tools for helping homeschooling families teach phonics skills to beginning readers who have yet to gain previous teaching experience. Each reader provides all of the instructions and is easy to administer.

Little Lions Litearcy

Easy for Special Needs

Children struggling with special needs such as ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia can highly benefit from the pace of these readers. The confidence that children gain from these quick and easy readers can put both the struggling child and parent at ease. Children who are quick to pick up reading can benefit from these readers. They will be encouraged in their reading skills as they breeze through each book and learn the phonics skills needed to progress to more complex stories. With basic phonics concepts, children can decode words when they begin reading up to college-level material. Take the guesswork out of reading and teach your child to decode with Little Lions Literacy! Author

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