Start a New Christmas Advent Tradition with The Giving Manger

One of the joys of Christmas is building family traditions. We take traditions from the families we were born into and then come together and create new traditions for our own growing families. Do you trim your trees with lights or with popcorn? Do you take time to go Christmas light hunting? Does your family … Read more

Let Grandparents Help You Cultivate Your Homeschool

Webster’s Dictionary says that a grandparent is a parent of a parent. The thesaurus states that a grandparent is an ancestor. But in today’s world, a grandparent doesn’t have to be biologically related to have the title of Grandma and Grandpa. Whether biological or non-biological, grandparents have a special place in children’s lives, in their … Read more

What Homeschooling in Mexico Looks Like

Before you had children did you know you wanted to homeschool? When did you feel called to homeschool your children? Recalling some conversations with our Crew members, it seems like more than a few started out as teachers who eventually made the switch to homeschooling for a variety of reasons. When I interviewed our Schoolhouse … Read more

Homeschooling Around the World – Philippines

During our Homeschooling Around the World Series, we have had the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures and locations. This week, we’ll take another look at homeschooling in the Philippines. Homeschooling affords families the opportunity to teach their children the values, materials, and skills that are important to them. Along with being able … Read more

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