You’ve just found something new and exciting from The Old Schoolhouse®: HomeschoolingFinds.com. At The Old Schoolhouse®, we’re all homeschoolers, and we love connecting the homeschool community. Many thanks to our friends from the former Homeschool Review Crew for providing years of homeschool product evaluations. Keep watching as friends old and new add more and more to HomeschoolingFinds.com. We love spreading the word about homeschool products we’ve found that may serve other families well. HomeschoolingFinds.com is your destination for reliable information on products and resources you can use in your own homeschool. We’ve already collected years of product evaluations by other homeschoolers for you to search, but this site is growing as we continue to find innovative ways to serve homeschooling families and companies.

Keep coming back as we build HomeschoolingFinds.com with our new Homeschool Influencer Network—that’s a team we’re forming made up of content creators and influencers. If you love a good homeschool product and can’t keep quiet about it, you might be just who The Old Schoolhouse® is looking for. Recruitment is happening for the NEW Homeschool Influencer Network. Right now, we’re calling homeschool content creators, influencers and evaluators. If you snap high-res shots, write strong testimonials or would like to write product evaluations, apply for the NEW Homeschool Influencer Network from The Old Schoolhouse®. Reel makers are needed too, so if you homeschool and have an active Instagram account, let us know. We supply products; you supply creatives. Learn more and apply: https://bit.ly/ApplyTOSNetwork.

Recent Articles and Evaluations

Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse

Homeschooling at a Schoolhouse is a great way to network and meet the needs of your homeschool family. Schoolhouse uses SchoolhouseTeachers.com as their curriculum and allows families to select from over 400 courses to teach at their local Schoolhouse. Learn more at HomeschoolingFinds.com.

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The Old Schoolhouse® is actively forming a team of content creators and influencers to spread the word about homeschool products and services. Intrigued? Learn more and apply: https://bit.ly/ApplyTOSNetwork.

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