Elephant Learning Math Academy Subscription Reviews

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For a parent, it can get very frustrating when a child struggles with math. It’s even more frustrating for the student. Thankfully, there is an online resource available for the homeschool family that can help evaluate the student’s math level, identify knowledge gaps and help the child advance their math knowledge to grade level.

Members of the Crew have been reviewing a subscription of Elephant Learning Math Academy from Elephant Learning Math Academy.

Designed for students aged 2 through 16, Elephant Learning Math Academy guarantees that your student will learn at least 1 year of math in three months when the program is used 30 minutes per week. The program uses appealing graphics and games to make learning fun. The child selects the graphics theme that appeals to them the most – spaceships, animals, unicorns, trains to name a few – and completes various math activities that use the selected theme.

The program automatically begins by evaluating the student’s math level and then transitions seamlessly to focus on learning. The student is assigned an “Elephant Age” that is compared to their actual age based on their evaluation. As the student progressed thru the program, the “Elephant Age” adjusts accordingly based on what they have learned. Parents are able to log to view their student’s progress and see the math skills the child has worked on.

Tuition for Elephant Learning Math Academy is $35/month for up to three students with zero registration fee, with merit-scholarships available to help tuition costs.

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A big thank-you to Brenda Prince from Counting Pinecones for writing this introductory article.

Look below to see how 20 members of the Crew used the program with their families and read their reviews.

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