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Welcome to the THIRD edition of the Homeschool Review Crew Homeschool Collection!  For our friends in the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting longer and the snow is beginning to melt and the whisper of warmer days is echoing through the air.  Our Southern Hemisphere families are watching the Autumn colours begin to dance through the trees and are beginning to look for warmer layers. 

The Homeschool Review Crew have been exploring new products and sharing their thoughts via their blogs and vlogs.  Be sure to take a look at the following reviews:

Time to grab a cup of your favourite beverage and fill up on encouragement from our homeschool bloggers

Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses

  • Books on the Charlotte Mason Method of Education: Are you wondering where to start?  Here are five books to help you begin your Charlotte Mason Home Education Journey.
  • Geography Curriculum: One of the most neglected subjects in home schooling circles.  Here is a list of resources to get you started on teaching geography at home.
  • Fire Safety Resources: Here is a list of ideas and resources to teach your children about fire, it’s dangers and how to keep safe.
  • Artist Study – Claude Monet:  A full unit study on the art master Claude Monet with links to free resources, YouTube clips and more.

Yvie @ Homeschool On the Range

Dusty @ Beat Of Our Drum

  • We Don’t Need A Homeschool Room: Don’t get set off by no having the space for a homeschool room. I know looking at all the wonderful pictures of peoples spaces online can make you feel like you need a designated room for homeschooling. I am here to tell you that we do just fine without one and we still learn a lot and have a ton of fun!
  • Fun Inside When It’s Too Cold To Be Outside: In the middle of winter it can get a little hard to find activities to keep the little ones busy and still warm in the house. Here are some great indoor ideas.
  • Awesome Elementary Chapter Books!: Are you looking for some great adventure books to add to your elementary students book list.
  • Do A Lesson With Us – The History Of Writing: Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have a hands on lesson? Come along as we do a lesson in the history of writing and see the types of activities we do to add some fun to our lessons!

Crystal @ Castle View Academy

  • How to Homeschool Without Heat : How we managed to homeschool without heat, as well as some additional ideas I’m keeping in mind should it happen again.
  • 5 Ways To Add Culture To Your Homeschool : While we cannot travel the world, I find other ways to expose our children to world cultures. These are 5 ways we add culture to our homeschool.
  • Spring Cleaning & Organising For Homeschool Moms : Spring is in the air and it’s time to once again begin the ritual of spring cleaning, but it’s always a little more difficult to work on spring cleaning for homeschooling moms because there are always children at home. “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shovelling the walk before it stops snowing,” to quote Phyllis Diller, and more so when homeschooling, in my opinion! But don’t despair, I have a few tips for you to get things under control!

Kristen @ A Mom’s Quest to Teach

  • Crafts: Paper Plate Pig : With the arrival spring, why not create your own farmyard full of cute animals crafted by your children? Painting a paper plate pig is very simple but makes for a cute spring decoration.
  • Crafts: Cardboard Paper Roll Chicks : Playing with feathers can easily be turned into a craft when making some cute spring chicks for your home.
  • Crafts: Paper Plate Lamb Craft : Using paper plates to create lamb masks will help you celebrate March leaving like a lamb.

Lori @ At Home: where life happens

  • Chicken with Onions and Tomatoes recipe : A quick stove-top recipe with rich flavor that is a hit with the whole family.
  • Story Cubes Story Time : Using a set of story cubes dice to create a piece of a creative writing.
  • Blaze Books : This is a fun series of books for young readers about a boy and his favorite horse, Blaze. .
  • Unit Study on India : India is a fascinating country that is full of uniqueness. This unit study includes activities and ideas for studying India, including a great book for kicking off the study and a link to a post filled with videos to enrich your study.

Abby @ Making Room 4 One More

  • Time Management for Homeschool Moms (Homeschool with Moxie Podcast #18) : Learn how to do a time makeover and discover practical time management tips for busy homeschool moms.
  • What the Outside World Needs to Understand About Homeschool Families: Sometimes the outside world looks at homeschool families too highly and with excessive expectation. Or the outside world can look at us with undeserved suspicion and alarm. We can be stereotyped negatively or positively. Either way, they need to know that we are normal parents who love their kids. In fact, we’re just like them. Here’s what the outside world needs to understand about homeschool families.
  • Narration for Non-Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers : If you’re intimidated to try narration because you haven’t adopted the whole Charlotte Mason philosophy and methodology into your homeschooling, then this post is for you. Here’s narration for the rest of us. {Download a narration cheat sheet!} .
  • How to Make an Easter Tree (with printables!) : Learn how to make an Easter tree to be more intentional with your kids in the weeks leading up to Resurrection Day. You can download free Easter tree ornaments and a Bible study plan.

Annette @ A Net in Time

  • Taking Time to Rest as a Writer : Writing getting you down? Forgotten the importance of taking a break? Mindless tasks help us think.
  • Learning Household Management : By the time your teens leave home, they need to know how to manage a household. How are you going to teach them?
  • Add Board Games to your Homeschool Routine : Adding board games to our homeschool routine has been an amazing change for our house. For the kids, board games have kept learning fun and engaging. As parents, gameschooling has taken a lot of the stress out of homeschool planning, because we know board games are there to help us teach or reinforce our homeschooling efforts.
  • Battles of the Eastern Front, WW1 : List of resources and a completed project from WW1, battles of the Eastern Front.

Susan @ My Happy Homeschool

  • Dealing with Difficulties : “You have started homeschooling your children, but things are not going as you planned. Take heart! I can assure you that all home educators have bad days; but try not to get discouraged on these days, there are ways to deal with difficulties.”

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

  • How Do You Do Phys.Ed.? : Getting kids involved in sports and earning high school credit for Phys.Ed. while homeschooling .
  • How Important are Labs in Science? : Are dissections and other labs necessary when teaching Science at home? What about other hands-on Science activities?
  • Six Ideas for Your Next Field Trip : Here are some ideas for homeschool field trips that you might want to consider – offering a little variation on some standard field trip themes.
  • A Collection of Museum Visits : Museums come in many varieties, and they are not all silent or austere, nor are they all indoors. Chances are, whatever your interest or collection, there’s a museum somewhere devoted to it.

Wendy @ Life on Chickadee Lane

Karen @ Tots and Me…Growing Up Together

  • Littles Learning Link Up: Hibernating Animals Round Up : A Littles Learning Link Up Round Up post focused on hibernating animals. You will find over twenty fun ideas for preschoolers and early elementary aged children. There are activities, crafts, and even snack ideas.
  • Hibernating Animal Fun: Brown Bear Lesson : The first post in my Hibernating Animal Fun unit. Each week there will be books I recommend to go with each topic, a craft or two, songs, and motion rhymes/finger plays, and activities. This week we learned about bears hibernating in caves and made two crafts .
  • Hibernating Animal Fun: Dormouse Lesson : The second post in my Hibernating Animal Fun unit. Each week there will be books I recommend to go with each topic, a craft or two, songs, motion rhymes/finger plays, and an activity. This week we learned about the dormouse and added in some science.
  • Hibernating Animal Fun: Chipmunk Lesson : The final post in my Hibernating Animal Fun unit. Each week there will be books I recommend to go with each topic, a craft or two, songs, motion rhymes/finger plays, and an activity. This week we learned about the chipmunk

Tawnee @ Adventures in Homeschooling

  • Why Homeschooling Boys Helps Them Thrive : Homeschooling boys may be the best way to nurture learning, encourage a love for learning, and improve your boys’ self-esteem. Embrace the creative ways your boys learn and have fun learning together.
  • Can Your Child Be Too Active : In today’s fast-paced, planning-for-college-from-birth, let’s-make-our-kids-well-rounded world, is it even possible to be TOO active? Yes it is. .
  • Why You Should Attend a Homeschool Convention : Attending a homeschool convention, if you have never been, can be overwhelming. But just go with a plan, a budget and some time to stroll and think and listen to lectures. You will come away inspired and rejuvenated!

Alicia @ Sweeping Up Joy

  • Family Connections: Excitement : Being with the kids all day every day gives me lots of opportunities to be excited about the things my kids are excited about in order to encourage them to love learning and life.

Kelly @ KGB That’s Me!

  • Homeschooling on a Dime? FREE Resources : Links to all kinds of FREE downloadable resources for homeschooling…mostly for core subjects.
  • Weekly Wrap-Up–June 1st-7th : I explain how to make a lapbook into an 8.5×11 size with an extension that has holes punched so you can store multiple lapbooks in a binder. Each closes with a velcro tab. I also talk about supplementing our study of the Eastern Hemisphere with FREE lapbooks from Homeschool Share and provide links there.

Dawn @ Schoolin’ Swag

Monique @ Early Learning Mom

  • Raising Bookworms: What We Read in January 2019 : January has come and gone. What a crazy month. Like I promised last month, I’m back to share what we read in January. The first month of 2019 was a hard one for our family… .
  • Back off Marie Kondo! Book Haul: What We found in January : “Why Book Hauling Matters! Creating a wonderful home library for my kids to have access in our home has been a major goal of mine since my first born was little. At first I would buy Wesley brand new books. But this was very expensive. Especially as a single mom. ”
  • How Glenn Doman Changed How I Parent : “I was there to answer phones, book appointments and take payments if any patients came in. But besides that I was not trained to do much more. So I spent my time googling things I could do to help Wesley learn. Little did I know this google search was going to change my perspective of children, and change my journey as a mother.”

Ta’Neisha @ Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool

  • Make Weekly Worship a Priority : After missing three services I was elated to be back at my home church. While away I was reminded of the importance of weekly worship and why we should make it a priority. We should do our earnest to be present, be on time, and be available to serve.
  • Importance of Cultural History (February Homeschool Wrap-up) : Enjoy a few key moments from our busy month filled with field trips, celebrations, dissections, and history. Then, learn how I make time to ensure each culture’s contributions to our history are included throughout the school year.
  • God will provide : A recent Facebook Memory post reminded me of how God is able to comfort, strengthen, and prepare us for the journey ahead. Never doubt his presence, power, or promises!

Thank you for joining us for this months Homeschool Collection. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

Happy Spring and Autumn to our homeschool families.

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