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Teaching creative writing has always been an area that I found very vague. How does one teach creativity, after all? I may not have been gifted with the ability to guide my students in learning to write creatively, but the authors of Sparkling Bits of Writing from Creative Word Studio certainly are! Author Jennifer Yoder … Read more

Playful Ways to Encourage Young Kids to Write

It’s never too early to start writing. Young kids can get a jumpstart on writing skills through what they know best–play! Give kids writing tools, simple suggestions, and the rest is up to them. It’s best not to push or require kids to write, but to encourage writing and see where it leads. Give ideas, … Read more

Classical Writing & Spelling, American History & Jewish Wars Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Memoria Press. Memoria Press, a family-run publishing company, provides homeschooling families and private schools with the curriculum to teach their children using the classical education philosophy.  Memoria Press states that a classical education is one in which wisdom and virtue are cultivated through the study of the liberal arts … Read more

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