3 Tips for Better Handwriting in Your Homeschool

3 Tips for Better Handwriting in Your Homeschool @ Homeschool Review Crew

Good handwriting is an important skill for kids to learn. Children who can write efficiently and legibly will have an easier time communicating and will usually do better with spelling and reading as well. But, handwriting can be a struggle for children to learn. Here are some tips that can help. 1. Identify the handwriting … Read more

Daily Math & Handwriting (Print + Cursive) Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Page a Day Math. Who needs help with those math facts?  Most students need a boost sooner or later when it comes to mastering those skills before moving on to higher levels of math. Page a Day Math  understands that and wants your student’s road to fluency to be fun … Read more

Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Everyday Education. Are you unhappy with your own handwriting? Are you unsure how to improve it? What if you could teach your child to read and write all with the same curriculum? Does writing in italics sound like something you’re interested in learning? If any of these ideas hit … Read more

Playful Ways to Encourage Young Kids to Write

It’s never too early to start writing. Young kids can get a jumpstart on writing skills through what they know best–play! Give kids writing tools, simple suggestions, and the rest is up to them. It’s best not to push or require kids to write, but to encourage writing and see where it leads. Give ideas, … Read more

BJU Press Focus on Fives Reviews

This article is on collaboration with BJU Press Homeschool. The fourth edition of BJU Press Focus on Fives published by BJU Press Homeschool is a fun and inviting curriculum geared for kindergarten children that can be used in a homeschool setting. There are six goals outlined including inviting students into the excitement of learning with … Read more

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