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Are you unhappy with your own handwriting? Are you unsure how to improve it?

What if you could teach your child to read and write all with the same curriculum? Does writing in italics sound like something you’re interested in learning? If any of these ideas hit home for you, then you’ll be interested in the Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook from Everyday Education, LLC. Crew members have spent the past few weeks using this resource in their homes in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons.

Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting was written by Caroline Joy Adams and published by Adams House Publishers, Inc in 1988. Janice Campbell of Everyday Education, LLC used it with her children when she was a new homeschool mom. When she tried to buy a second copy years later, she was dismayed to find it out of print, and made it her mission to bring it back for future homeschooling families. The book (available as a PDF download or a physical copy) is the same now as it was then, with the slight addition of Janice’s story at the beginning.

It opens with several pages with ideas on how to use the book, including a sample schedule for use in a homeschool setting, and then dives right in to the lessons. Over the course of 60 lessons, children are introduced to basic phonics, starting first with the alphabet. After learning how to write each letter of the alphabet (capital and lowercase), the book moves into basic CVC words (separated by vowel sound). It then moves on to blends, plurals, compounds, and then more difficult sounds.

Starting in Chapter 6, the focus changes from “reading with writing” to “handwriting practice.” This is where most of the italics teaching and practice comes in, and this is the suggested place to begin for adults and children who already read well and are just looking to improve their own handwriting skills. 

Students of all ages (including parents!) can learn something from this ebook.

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Our Review Crew families have been working with Perfect Reading & Beautiful Handwriting for several weeks and would love to share what they found. Check out what they have to say about this product below!

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