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Welcome to the May edition of the Homeschool Collection presented to you by the Homeschool Review Crew. We’re nearing the solstice and hope that you are enjoying your days with your children. Grab a cuppa and join us for some wonderful homeschooling encouragement.

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Grab a chair and take a look at some of the wonderful encouragement in your homeschooling journey brought to you by the following bloggers:

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  • Epidemics in World History – World history has been shaped by its epidemics…cholera, smallpox, influenza, yellow fever, and the plague are just a few diseases that have swept entire nations. In Fever 1793, we follow the progression of the Yellow Fever as it sweeps through the streets of Philadelphia and changes the course of history. What exactly is a pandemic, and how does it differ from an epidemic?
  • How to Create a Unit Study – Unit studies are popular with homeschooling families because they provide a hands-on, in-depth approach to learning about any topic of choice. It might seem daunting at first, but anyone is capable of creating a unit study in just a few easy steps….
  • Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Family – Choosing the right curriculum for your family means first determining your family’s homeschooling style. Some families are strictly one style, while others prefer a blend of styles…
  • Choosing Career-Based Electives in High School – Choosing electives for high school can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If it’s a class outside of the core curriculum (required courses for graduation), then it’s an elective class. What do colleges want to see? What does your child really need? And how do you know what to pick…?

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  • Homeschool Planning for Year Round Homeschoolers – Do you homeschool year-round? Does it feel like you never celebrate the end of the homeschool year but just move from one curriculum to the next? What are some ways you can plan for the next year while still homeschooling?
  • Book Club: Book Review of Before I Called You Mine – Sometimes finding good fiction can be difficult but A Mom’s Quest to Teach shares another book review to help you decide if Before I Called You Mine will be a read you will enjoy.
  • Crafts: R is for Redstone – Do you children love Minecraft? Create this Minecraft-inspired craft to teach your preschooler the letter R.

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  • How to Make a Homeschool Memory Book – Keeping pieces of our children’s artwork each year is great, but keeping a homeschool memory book adds that personality piece. A homeschool memory book includes details of their life story that can’t be found in a simple drawing or math paper. Print out your free homeschool memory book today and preserve memories for years to come.
  • 6 Classics Worth Reading and Watching – It can be hard to find children’s movies that have positive messages, good role models, and are not filled with bad language, violence, and sarcasm. These six classics for kids have been made into movies worth watching. I’ve tested them all with my sensitive daughter with success. Read these classics to your children, and then watch the movie version when you know they’re ready. Enjoy discussing the similarities and differences between the books and movies.
  • 3 Misconceptions That Can Ruin Your Summer Vacation – Summer is a wonderful time of year. Routines change. We take a break from schoolwork. It’s time to transition into new grade levels. But, summer is not always what it’s cracked up to be. If you’re like me, you fall for three misconceptions that can ruin your summer vacation. Here’s what you can do instead!

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  • Journey Through the Continents – Enter to win! Contest to win a copy of Journey through the continents. An excellent multi-media unit study. Use real books to learn about our world.
  • Studies in Malachi – What does the book of Malachi have to say to us today? Much to consider, even the thought that our spouses are like garments… intriguing no?
  • Summur Rhubarb Recipes – It’s rhubarb season up here. Do you know how to use it well? Here are some of my favourite recipes.
  • Move Forward? – So, in this season of Covid-19, what does it mean to move forward? Is it truly possible? What stories will be told?

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