Summer Reading List

Summertime is approaching. For me, this means a great time to sit out in the sun and read some great books. This also means that I am putting together a great summer reading list for the kids.

Reading can come in many forms. You can read for fun or for learning. Once you get into reading, the opportunities are endless!

Books for Learning

Books can help with learning. You can find books that help with school studies. We had the chance to review many books that are fun to read, yet include many great learning elements.

The books from Rush Revere are a fun book to read, yet they also include so much educational value to American History. How could you ask for a better book? One that is fun to read and one that you can use for a history supplement or even a history spine!

Carole P. Roman is another great book to help with learning! These books will take your child right into the world of kids their ages in different countries. This makes for a fun way to learn about different countries while still having fun!

Bringing Bible Into Literature

Not only do books help us learn, but we can also use them to bring to life the stories from the Bible for our kids.

The Hidden Scrolls is a favorite of my kids. They know the stories already, but to have two kids their ages going back in time and finding clues to help them get back home makes the story that much more exciting. I find my kids talking about these books often!

A book that I could not put down, Shepard, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer, takes us back into the time of Caanan and the Israelites. We are drawn into the story and can feel the pain, joy, worry, and all the feelings of the characters. I have to say, this is by far one of my favorite books!

Reading List Round UP

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