Summer Reading for Girls

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Marcy @ Ben and MeTop 1o List of Free Kindle Books for Middle School Girls

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a list of classic books Ben is reading this summer. I thought it only fair to provide a list of classic books that girls will enjoy as well.

Meg @ Adventures with JudeCelia the Bookworm

The other day, after having read six books in as many days, Celia asked “Can you get me another book? I’m sorry…I’m just a bookworm.” Keeping up with her can be a challenge!

LaRee @ Broad HorizonsGirls’ Books Are Better

Maybe it’s because I *am* a girl (who read copious amounts as a child) or maybe it’s because I *have* all girls, so I’ve never HAD to read “boy books”, but it just seems to me like there are SO MANY great, classic, options for girls to read.

Beth @ WeavingsSummer Reading for Girls of All Ages

Summertime makes me think of relaxation, sitting outside, and reading a pile of books! Here are some favorites reads amongst the Starr girls and a few that are big hits with the boys!

Tracey @ A Learning JourneyPopular Chapter Books for Girls

Alyssa is an avid reader. She will read her favorite chapter books just about anywhere . . . in her closet, at the beach, in the car, at the store, on top of the dryer, on the countertops, to Bailey (the dog) at the library, at the table, on her bed, outside, and even upside-down on the couch. I wanted to feature a list of her favorite chapter book titles.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakSummer Reading

She likes adventurous female characters, humor, and mystery; and she doesn’t consider herself ‘too old’ to read simpler chapter books from time to time.


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