Summer Reading for Boys

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Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand Academy Summer Reading Adventures for Boys

It has been said that the definition of a boy is noise with dirt on it. That is SO true of my three! With that in mind, summertime is the realm of boys. There are adventures to be had, places to explore, and mischief to make!

Crystal @ Crystal Starr BlogSummer Reading List for Boys

Boys and reading don’t always go hand-in-hand. Whether you have avid or reluctant readers here are some great choices to fill your summer reading basket.

Meg @ Adventures with JudeOur Summer Reading: Sendak to Steinbeck

A non-reading preschooler, an emerging reader starting first grade, a middle schooler with a school book list and a new-to-homeschool high schooler. We’re reading everything from Sendak to Steinbeck!


Kristina @ School Time SnippetsSummer Reading List for My Son (and yours, too)

A week or so ago I shared what Tyler will be learning over the summer and I mentioned that we would Read, Read, Read!! What will he be reading this summer? you ask.


Gwen @ Tolivers to TexasSummer Reading for Boys (and a for few girls, too!)

While I don’t have the perfect answer to this, I have found that whether my boys are early, average, or slow readers in proficiency, they all love to read. The biggest factor in this, I believe, is that we have always done tons of read-alouds together. I can’t state the importance of this enough.


Wendy @ Homeschooling BlessingsSummer Reading for Teenage Boys

Encouraging teenage (or preteen) boys to read can be difficult! If you’d like suggestions just for teen guys, take a look at my suggestions.


Marcy @ Ben and Me10 Summer Classics for Middle School Boys

I’ve put together a list of Summer Classics for Middle School Boys. Perfect for some reading adventure!  Because reading during the summer should scream adventure!


Sarah @ Delivering GraceSummer Reading or Not

Ten years ago, I would have loved to write a post about summer reading. But fast forward, ten years and summer reading is more difficult. Children who either can read but don’t like to or who would love to read but have found learning to read anything but easy.


Heather @ Only Passionate CuriosityOur Top Ten Books for Boys (and a free summer reading printable)

These are our top 10 favorite books for boys, they have been well loved in our home, and read over and over. Also, I have a fun summer reading printable for you to use in your home to help motivate your boys to read, read, read this summer!


Brandy @ Kingdom Academy HomeschoolOur Summer Reading Program

In the summer, I relax things a bit. My kids are still required to read on a daily basis, but I allow them to choose their own books.


Jennifer @ a glimpse of our lifeReading with my Nine-Year-Old Son

My son likes to talk, and he enjoys reading out loud to the rest of us.


Renata @ Sunnyside Farm FunWell-Loved Books for Boys

We are passionate about reading here at Sunnyside. From the oldest to the youngest we love the feel of a new (to us) book in our hands. A well composed story is always appreciated & one of our favourite times of the evening is when I curl up in the Boys room with all 4 children & read aloud a specially chosen story! During winter we snuggle under thick, soft covers and in summer we bask under the air conditioner, but always we enjoy it.


Wendy @ Life at RossmontWhat the Boys at Rossmont Are Reading This Summer

Summer is a great time to do some extra reading, whether you’re curled up in the porch swing, or lounging on the couch, or reclining on a towel at the beach.


Leah @ As We Walk Along the RoadSummer Reading for Boys Or What To Do with a Boy Who Doesn’t Like to Read

Finding books for Charles to read is still a struggle. I think it will always be. But reading is of great value, so I’ll continue to be on the lookout for fitting books.


Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningJosiah’s Favorite Reads

We’ve read a lot of books in our time. Here are some of Josiah’s favorites.


Beth @ Ozark RamblingsRootin’ Tootin’ Reads for Boys

I used to think this avid reader brought the wrong kid home from the hospital. Now I know I just needed to introduce him to the right kind of books and characters.


Audra @ Simply Audra Marie16 Cool Summer Reads for Boys

Need some reading adventures for your boys to dive into this summer? Check out the list my kids and I came up with in under five minutes. Such is the mind of book lovers.


Jenni @ ConversavingOur Reading List for Boys

Have you ever wondered what to do to get your boys interested in reading? I have one avid reader and one who prefers not to read whenever possible. By having these two extremes, I have learned a thing or two that may help you out.



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