Summer Reading for Middle Grades

Summer Reading for Middle Grades

Michele @ Faith, Family and FridaysMiddle School Reading

OK, so I shared our summer reading with you for elementary age kids. But this list, well it was slightly harder for me. …However, in talking with my older girls I realized that some of their favorite books are really geared for the middle school age.

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for Whining — Summer Reading Strategies for Struggling Readers in Middle School

We are in that awkward phase concerning all things reading. As you might know, Josiah is dyslexic. I do require him to do free reading on his own, but often the books that are at his level intellectual or interest wise are too difficult or overwhelming for him to manage. And the ones that are easily managed are too babyish in his opinion. There are a few different ways we have stepped into this whole new world. I say “stepped.” I’m going into Josiah’s teenage years kicking and screaming. He’s still my baby.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses — Our Top 6 Favorite Chapter Read-Alouds 

Here are six of our recent favourite read alouds.

Lisa @ A Rup Life — Summer Reading: Tips & Suggestions for Tweens!

Another incentive was that they were not allowed to do anything plugged in before they did their independent reading. We call it “un-plugged” – this means no video games, computer or television! (We are more lenient during Summer vacation for those devices.)

Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life — Summer Reading ~ Fizz Boom Read

Going to the library is always something that my kids look forward to doing, but during the summer they especially like the summer reading program activities and challenges.

Callie @ Mama’s Coffee Shop — Summer Reading for Middle School Kids

With summer upon us and a slew of outdoor activities that come with the warmer months, I also see the trips to the library increasing. We live in the South…where it gets HOT and horribly Humid and Muggy. So midday is the perfect time to grab a book and have some quiet time.

Joelle @ Homeschooling for His Glory — Top Ten Books for Middle Grades

Summer is here and kids usually have more time for reading. My boys do not mind reading but like a lot of kids, Wii, TV, computer games compete for their time. We have instituted a rule to the effect that their technology time will be allotted to a ratio of 1.5 to 1 of  reading time to technology.

Jenn @ Treasuring Life’s Blessings — Favorite Books for Middle Schoolers

With it being summer, there are many reading programs out there for kids of all ages to participate in. My younger children often read anything I picked up for them at the library but as they got older, they started being more specific in what they wanted to read.

Lis @ ~ Acorns ~ Nuggets of Gold — Of Dragons, Swallows, Vikings and Societies (Middle School Reads)

…a quick little list that will actually include a BUNCH of books, because they mostly the first book in a series~ which should keep your voracious AND reluctant reader busy during the summer months. The vast majority of these are appropriate for/enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Meg @ Adventures with Jude — Summer Adventures with Middle School Books

Two kids…two lists…one summer filled with books.

Marcy @ Ben and MeMiddle Grades Summer Reading for Classical Kids

Below you’ll find a list of books that I expect Ben will have read before he enters high school. Because things can be so crazy during the school year, and much of our homeschool is rich is living literature, summer is the perfect time for him to spend checking these books off his list.

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