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Wow we’re half way through the crazy year of 2020! Welcome to the June edition of the Homeschool Collection from the Crew. Today we have twelve homeschooling Mom’s looking forward to sharing their wisdom and insights with you. Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy a few moments with us.

During the month of June we reviewed the following homeschooling products

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From the Crew for June

Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool

  • Our Summer Reading List – I have always loved reading. Growing up, you could always find me with my nose stuck in a book. My kids have grown up this way also. With lots of extra-curricular activities not being able to happen this summer, we have found ourselves reading a lot more books. Check out what we have on our summer reading list!

Jennie from Journey of FAITH

Adrienne from Practicalmindedness

Lisa from Homeschool Notes

  • Helpful Tips for Teaching Letter Formation – The ultimate goal of teaching letter formation is to help kids automatically write letters without having to think about it so they can focus on other thinking, like the content of what they want to write. Using these six helpful tips for teaching letter formation will build a solid foundation for future writing.
  • How to Write an Acrostic Poem – Teach your child how to write an acrostic poem as a simple introduction to the world of poetry. In this poetry form, kids get to play with words without the added pressure of rhyming lines. Kids of all ages can enjoy writing an acrostic poem.
  • 12 Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn to Recognize, Spell and Write Their Name – Name writing is essentially a three-step learning process, but the steps can overlap. Kids learn to first recognize, then spell, and finally write their names independently. I’ve put together a list of fun and engaging ways to help your child move through this process.

Monique from Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

Yvie from Homeschool On the Range

  • How to Organizing Schoolhouse Teachers with Google Classroom – Learn how to make your digital curriculum work for you with this short tutorial on using Google Classroom.
  • Broken Strings + Religious Persecution – As the Fourth of July approaches, and Americans take the time to reflect upon their freedoms, it’s important to remember that throughout history, all around the world, many have been denied those freedoms simply based upon their beliefs…
  • Teaching About the American Revolution – Our roadschooling adventures led us on The Great Revolutionary War Road Trip! In the span of two weeks, we managed to visit several Revolutionary War sites. Here’s a round-up of all the fantastic unit resources and we found along the way…come take a virtual field trip!

Megan from My Full Heart

Teresa from Teresa Brouillette

  • Homeschool Jeopardy {Free Printable} – Games are a fun way to help kids retain what they have learned. Create your own Homeschool Jeopardy with free printable clue sheets. Add your own catagories and clues to cover your kids’ interests and past studies. Get the entire family involved and test your knowledge!!
  • Best Homemade Bubbles Ever – Mix a batch of homemade bubbles for easy summer fun! These bubbles are so huge, even the bigger kids will want to get involved.
  • How To Plan A Gravestone Rubbing Field Trip – A cemetery may sound like a strange location for a field trip, but it’s full of history. Stone rubbing is the process of creating an image of the surface features of a stone. With a few easy steps you can plan and perform your own gravestone rubbing field trip.

Vickie from Tumbleweed News

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