What IS Unschooling Anyway?

Unschooling…. We think of many things when that word comes up in conversation. For a long time, I would refer to this as the unchecked home. Where everyone did what was right in their own eyes. Thankfully, the Lord gives wisdom to those who ask for it. Praise God! 

I believe we have attempted once or twice, this thing called unschooling. But if I am honest, we really didn’t do it right. We didn’t go all in and how can you really do anything well if you’re holding something back?

This year I am intentionally planning to go all the way in. We still have some work books and there are some programs we will follow.  Everything at this time is chosen by each child. While I hope that each thing on their list will be completed, I remind myself to be open to the fact that these things may change. We will be fluid; we will be like that river of living water! 

Because I need perfect faith to cast out all my fear and anxiety, I will be blogging much more regularly in an attempt to intentionally capture and see all that they are learning and doing. I am also hopeful that this will be a good way to show and share how we engage in our community with various service project because we need to reach out. We are to do life together, one anothering, I read recently. 

I remind myself daily I have to not focus on the face. We can get so caught up focusing on faces (bad attitudes, etc ) we forget to just share the message. Whatever program or documentary, we cannot determine their knowledge based off of what we see (or think we see) on their face. 

A few weeks ago my younger son built a tank out of cardboard and hot glue. He did not have any instructions or a pattern that he followed. He puts this on his his monster truck and drives it around outside. He was inspired and so he created. Pretty amazing. 

My oldest son has finally been given an opportunity to be a part of our church’s youth group music ministry. He even has someone willing to mentor him in areas where he struggles. So we are back on drums and vocal song. He actually found a voice instruction program online he is interested in trying out. I love music so much, so I am very excited about his explorations in this area. 

How about the younger ones? My girls are eight and five. They do everything together. Literally. My oldest daughter was taken to making her own hair bows and headbands.She has even become interested in sewing and crochet so we are on the lookout for a friendly face or two to help us get started. There is so much they are learning just by playing together. Their love of animals, and taking photographs. Who knows where this will take them.

Of course even unschoolers need some goals, right? This can include all sorts of things. Make a list :on our list we have gymnastics and making marbles (there is a great hot glass studio open to everyone) as well as using a kiln for pottery. More time on the archery range. Horse riding and care. And as the year progresses so will these goals. Every month or two we like to look to our goals and see what’s worked and what hasn’t. We can add and take away. We can grow our goals as we grow. Together. 

And in all of this I am working on a list of my own, reading and writing. I feel a story being born, one I must write down. Some things we do together and other things we do on our own. 

This is about finding our peace and our rest. It is about slowing down and letting our kids be kids. I will not rush them through a crazy list of requirements and standards just because someone says itto is what they must do. Instead I will love and encourage each of my children explore and follow those things that speak to their hearts. To find their gif tdd s and purpose.

God made everyone of us in His image for good works. The good works He has for me are not the same as they are for anyone else. As we slow down, as we seek His will, He will reveal to us great things. We can do all things in Christ strength – that includes the leading of the children He blesses us with – All for Jesus. 


 A big thank you to Jennifer King of A Peace of Mind for writing this article..

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