Favorite Go-To Snacks

Summer is one of those times when I like to have snacks on hand. The kids are running around so much, that I need quick and easy snacks for them to grab when they are on the go. Check out some of the favorite go-to snacks in our house.


Fruits are always a good grab for a snack! In our house, the kids love apples, oranges, and bananas. I love keeping these on the counter for an easy grab on their way by.


I have one child who will eat shredded cheese like it is going out of style. another child thinks he needs to eat string cheese all day. Either way, I love knowing that they have another healthy snack that is, most of the time, easy to grab and go with it.

Beef Jerky

This is one of those snacks that we have on occasion. With six people in the house, having beef jerky as a normal everyday snack could get spendy. My kids love to grab this, as do mom and dad, when we need a little something to hold us over until supper is ready to eat.


Everyone in the house loves to grab a yogurt as a cool snack. We love to take the yogurt sticks and pop them in the freezer for an even cooler snack when the hot days hit.

What are some of your house’s favorite go-to snacks? We would love to hear from you!

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