Homeschool Snacks

As a former teacher, I understand better now why my students would be snacking throughout the day before and after their lunch periods. Children are hungry. All the time it seems. One of the advantages of homeschooling means that we get to schedule our breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snack times based upon when we need … Read more Freezer Meal Plan Membership Reviews

This article is in collaboration with MyFreezeEasy. The Homeschool Review Crew is cooking with the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy. This online subscription allows you to build your own meal plans with just a few clicks of a mouse.  This easy-to-use site offers several options to make meal planning easy. You can choose from pre-designed meal plans for … Read more

Recipe Share

Linda @ Homeschooling6 — Low Carb Cream Cheese Pancakes These pancakes are Homeschooling6 kid approved! The children loved them and were asking for more. Meg @ Adventures with Jude — An Allergy Friendly Favorite Dinner: Potato Soup and Garlic Cheddar Bicuits Allergies don’t mean you have to eat boring food. We’re serving creamy potato soup … Read more

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