January Homeschool Collection

Welcome to the first Homeschool Collection Round Up from the Homeschool Review Crew for 2020! Our Crew have some fabulous products they have started to receive and use and are preparing to bring you some great reviews starting next month.

Today we invite you to take a look at our first review for 2020 Online Homeschooling for the Whole Family.

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and I’ll hand you over to the crew as they take time to bring some homeschool encouragement to you.

Here on the Crew blog a few of our members shared

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  • Bible Studies for Mom – I am setting aside time each day for my personal “Mom Bible Studies”. Here are the two that I am working on this month.
  • New Year, New Curriculum – We are starting the new year on a new foot. This year we are changing up our curriculum, like big time. We are dropping everything, but math. Want to know what we are doing? Let me tell you.

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  • Getting Started with Roadschooling – Curious about roadschooling? Want to try it with your family? Check out these tips and tricks from a seasoned roadschool family!
  • Fever 1793 + Epidemics in History (Novel Study) – World history has been shaped by its epidemics…cholera, smallpox, influenza, yellow fever, and the plague are just a few diseases that have swept entire nations. In this free novel study, we learn what exactly a pandemic is, how it differs from an epidemic, and how history has been changed by them.
  • Teaching Latin in Middle & High School – If you’re trying to decide which language to select, may we make the case for Latin?
  • A Parent’s Alphabet – The ABCs of the excellent and the ugly spots in parenting…

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  • Why Your Child Needs a Pen Pal – Writing to a pen pal teaches children valuable skills and life lessons. Read about the five direct benefits for your child and get inspired to find a pen pal for your child today!
  • Reading Chapter Books to Preschoolers – Learn why reading chapter books to preschoolers is a good idea and what to look for to know when your child ready. Included is a list of ten terrific books to get you started.
  • Keeping a Homeschool Reading Log: 10 Ideas – With these reading log ideas, you can find one that fits your style and keep track of all the wonderful reading that’s happening in your homeschool.

Richie @ Homeschool & Humor shares

  • How To Create A Unit Study: The Beginner’s Guide – Explaining a thorough, yet simple step-by-step method for creating a unit study. Free Unit Study Planner printable included, along with unit study ideas.
  • Am I Qualified To Homeschool My Child? – Did you fail Algebra? Maybe you didn’t read until you were well into 3rd grade or you barely managed to pass Chemistry. Does this mean you aren’t qualified to teach your child? Discover how you’re not unqualified to homeschool your child!
  • How We Homeschool and Travel – A peek into the life of a homeschool traveling family (ours!). See how we homeschool, homeschool and travel, structure our homeschool while we travel, wrangle a busy tot in the mix, and conquer the day. Must have a sense of humor to enter this judge-free zone.

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  • 2020 Weekly Photo Challenge – Improve your photography skills, get outside the box, see new things, try new techniques with this weekly photo challenge for all ages and levels.
  • How The Chiro Helped Him Fly – Check out how a simple adjustment at the Chiropractor helped my son get his technique back in swimming!

Margaret @ Creative Madness Mama shares

  • What We’re Reading in Our Homeschool: January 2020 – In the fashion of a beloved YouTube Homeschool Mom, I have taken to making it a new habit to share with my family and friends through the Creative Madness Mama blog what we are reading. Writing it all out is astonishing and brings up many memories and new traditions.
  • Any advice for someone about to start Memoria Press First Grade? – “In a private message, someone asked me for advice for starting the First Grade Classical Core Curriculum with Memoria Press and as I started to write my response I realized it would be too much not to share and decided to make it a full blog post. To date, this is one of the biggest questions I get asked by readers all the time. The pegs planted in my child’s mind have already given her a desire and a passion to learn so much more. At the beginning of our curriculum year, my daughter could stumble along and read, sounding out things as she went along. Now she’s enthusiastic and passionate about reading! She appreciates water-color and classical illustrations and compares her school books to the current publications that grace our shelves.”
  • American History Resources, what are your favorites? – This school year, I am teaching students in respectively 4th, 2nd, and PreK (and tot school!) Grades. We decided this year to really pour on the steam and study American History. Brought on from a hiatus of immersion in the ancients and a brief foray into the middle ages. As I’m starting to gather all of the American History resources that I have collected over the years into one place, I’m curious as to what others use to bring US History alive for your students.

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  • The Good Samaritan Craft – This is a great craft with a FREE printable to reinforce teaching the values of helping everyone found in the parable of The Good Samaritan to young children.
  • Giraffe Cereal Craft – This is a (FREE) template for you to use with your younger children to make a giraffe. We were talking about colors when we made this craft and discussed all the colors on the giraffe. It is also a great fine motor craft for young children.
  • Dramatic Play: Grocery Store – This is a (FREE) dramatic play pack for you and your child to create a grocery store in your home. You can practice social skills related to grocery stores or practice math with prices and money.

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