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A new year means new beginnings and new opportunities. For the last several years, I have decided to avoid making resolutions and instead select one or several words to be my word(s) of the year. Resources for doing appear all over the Internet to assist with the process of selecting a Word for the Year. From books to websites to Blogs, you have your choice of resources to look at to determine your Word of the Year.

The first thing I try to do when selecting my new word(s) for the new year involves praying and reflecting on the past year. I want to allow God to speak to my heart and soul.

The second thing I do is refer back to some of the resources I have acquired for assisting with selecting a word of the year. My resources include books, blogs, and websites. I also look at what other friends and people I follow online have selected as their words of the year to provide inspiration. Here is a post I wrote in 2018 about my word of the year. In past years, I have selected words like hope, delight, courage, and simplify. This year we are going to be in a period of transition as we move from one duty station to another duty station. So I am selecting the word “Trust” as my word of the year. I am trusting that God will lead us to the right place to call home for the next period. I am trusting God will lead us to the right church for our family. I am trusting God will provide friends for our family. I trust God will supply all of our needs.

In addition to having a word of the year, I also try to select a passage from the Bible to go with my word of the year. So here is my passage of Scripture:

After all, with a period of change upon us, our family needs to trust God to direct our paths in everything we need to do during this period of change. Periodically during the year, I like to evaluate where I am in terms of my Word of the Year and where I would like to go next. So do you prefer to make resolutions or select a word of the year?


Thank you to Patti Pierce of Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy for providing this article.

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