September Home School Round Up

Welcome to the September edition of our Homeschool Review Crew Monthly Homeschool Collection. Our homeschool family bloggers have been reviewing and sharing tips with us. Down here in Australia we are entering spring and are surrounded with new life and I love hearing how the fall colors are beginning to show through in the Northern Hemisphere. I invite you grab a cup of your favorite beverage and a quiet spot and let our homeschool moms bring you some encouragement and resources for your homeschool.

Susan from My Happy Homeschool shares

Yvie from Homeschool On the Range shares

  • How to Make Family-Style Schooling Work for You – Are you struggling with trying to homeschool multiple children at different grade levels? Do you question where you can find extra time in the day, or how you can be everywhere at once?
  • Best Online-Schooling Options – We are experiencing an educational revolution of sorts….where the cultural shift is to online learning. There are so many options, though, that it can be overwhelming! We’ve vetted hundreds of options and put together the best of the best to help you teach your students…
  • Learning Through Play – Some of the social skills involved in board games include communication, turn-taking, sharing, waiting, encouragement, and healthy competition. It’s a good way to learn that your luck can change in a roll of the dice, so don’t ever give up and just keep trying your best, because your next turn might be your lucky move!
  • Bears – a Unit Study – Take your elementary and middle schoolers on a ‘beary’ fun adventure with this zoo unit study!

Jessica from My Homeschool with a View shares

Kristin from From Kristin shares

Annette from A Net In Time shares

  • Apples In SW Ontario – A round-up of recipes and places to visit for apples in SW Ontario
  • Summer Edition Browser Tabs – Resources I have been exploring and interesting tidbits I have been researching related to family, education, and rabbit trails of interest.
  • Are They Really Needed? Pens and Pencils in Your Homeschool – Fun thoughts on why pens and pencils are important but also on why they aren’t always needed.
  • Summer Meals In August – I have been so busy cooking and making food this month. It’s been fun! A lot of our meals have featured zucchini simply because we have a bunch of it and I like exploring new creations. Our summer meals in August have also included such staples as burgers, hotdogs, BBQ chicken etc.

Lori from At Home: where life happens shares

Katie from The Delight Directed Homeschooler shares

  • Homeschooling with Wide Margins – “I guess it comes down to what we value and why we choose to homeschool. In ten years, twenty years, thirty years… what do I want for my children? What will have mattered? What are the things I hope will stick? Here are my top five: Love for Jesus and the Kingdom Biblical Literacy Love of reading Creativity Friendship- that they would be good friends and have good friends.”

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