Fall Sports

In the Northern Hemisphere, we will soon be celebrating the start of Autumn or the Fall Season. For many homeschooling families, that might mean the beginning of Fall Sports – either for those that their children participate in or those that the family might gather together to watch on television or in person. But what are some Fall Sports? 

What sports do you think of when it comes to the cooler weather? This might depend upon whether you are discussing professional sports, high school- or college-level sports, or just games played in the backyard, on the street, or in a schoolyard. For many, Fall means the beginning of Football season and Ice Hockey season, while others eagerly await seeing their children on the field hockey or soccer fields. Several of the sports children play during the Autumn season are included in the Summer Olympics, such as soccer, field hockey, tennis, water polo, and golf.

So, what sport do you gather around the TV to watch? Our family is an ice hockey family. We like to support a national team as well as several minor league teams, including our son’s former high school ice hockey team. There is something special about going to a preseason game in September while it is still rather warm outside and feeling the cold of the ice hockey rink as soon as you step inside the arena. It is great fun to go to ice hockey games, and I can’t wait until we can go to them again. When our teenage son was still playing ice hockey, we loved sitting together as a family, cheering on his team. Bundled up, sitting on blankets on the metal bleachers, we enjoyed seeing his team advance to the championship games several times (and win). Plus, there is something special about those pretzels from the snack bar. Yum! 

Fall sports may look dramatically different this year at both the local and national levels. How will your family enjoy sports this fall and stay active during the change of seasons? Are your children participating in any fall sports?


Thank you to Kristen at A Mom’s Quest to Teach for writing this article. Kristen is a housewife and mother to a teenage stepson and two younger children. She is a certified social studies teacher and has worked as a volunteer at a National Park site, in the education department of a metropolitan zoo, and as a high school history teacher.  

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