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The Homeschool Crew have had a wonderful month exploring new products on the market and revisiting some old favourites. Be sure to tak a look at these Vendors:

Time to grab a cup of your favourite beverage and curl up in your secret spot and enjoy some encouragement from our team.

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  • Homeschooling through the Hard Times – Homeschooling can be hard on a regular day. Whether you have been homeschooling for 10 years or 10 minutes, the challenging days will come. How do you approach homeschooling through the hard times?

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  • Does Pencil Grip Matter? – Want to be spared of pencil grip wars in your house? Learn about what makes a pencil grip inefficient vs. functional, so you’ll know if you need to be concerned. Here are tips for preventing poor pencil grip and encouraging good pencil grip.
  • How to Make a Word Wall – Word walls support readers and writers by showcasing high frequency words that are tricky to read and spell. But word walls can also be used for learning vocabulary, like math and science terminology. Here are two inexpensive and easy ways to set up a word wall in your home.
  • Homeschool Portfolios Made Easy – Homeschool portfolios don’t have to be hard, but they do take some time. Make a cover, type up the various lists, collect work samples, and bind it all together in a report cover. That’s it. You’ll have a manageable portfolio ready to share with others and treasure for years to come.

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  • Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Family – Choosing the right curriculum for your family means first determining your family’s homeschooling style. Some families are strictly one style, while others prefer a blend of styles… Your family might try out one style and find that it’s not for you. It may take a few years to settle down into the right fit for your family, and that’s completely normal!
  • The Red Menace YA Novel Study – During the Cold War, Americans believed that communism was attempting to infiltrate every aspect of their lives. Senator Joseph McCarthy led the search to ferret out Communists in America…
  • Choosing Career-Based Electives in High School – Choosing electives for high school can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. If it’s a class outside of the core curriculum (required courses for graduation), then it’s an elective class. What do colleges want to see? What does your child really need? And how do you know what to pick…?

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  • How to Build a Simple Cold Frame – Directions on how to build a very simple cold frame, without being too fancy, quick up, quick down, easy storage.
  • Near to the Heart of God – Hymn study of the song Near to the Heart of God. Learning who the author is and more about the song itself.
  • Spring Cleaning – Do you know the origins of spring cleaning? Are you perhaps in the midst of it? Need a list to help you work through your house? Freebie included
  • Its Just another day – A poem of the hope we have, even during this time of sheltering in place from Covid-19.

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  • Popular Homeschool Methods Explained For Structuring Your Homeschool – The best part of homeschooling is flexibility! The second best part? Organizing your homeschool in a way that YOU want! Many Homeschoolers choose a method of homeschooling or a mix of all that best fit the needs of their family in order to structure their homeschool. It’s a great idea to have a HOMESCHOOL VISION and in order to get one, narrow down which method of homeschooling fits that vision! Read on to learn how to structure your homeschool through some of the most popular methods of homeschooling.
  • Free and Cheap Homeschool Resources and Links During COVID-19 Crisis – Can you homeschool for free? Yes you can! All the families in the U.S. became homeschool families overnight! It can be difficult, and overwhelming, to continue your child’s education if you don’t even know where to start! Maybe you’re thinking homeschool costs a ton of money and you’ve been stressing out. Well, I have your back, mama. I’ve accumulated several FREE homeschool resources JUST FOR YOU during this COVID-19 pandemic. I list a few CHEAP curriculums too. What’s amazing is that several companies have extended their services, curriculum, memberships, and subscriptions for free for months. I also have a very large list of companies who have free resources EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

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  • Great Outdoors Activity Packet for Kids – Get excited about the great outdoors with these fun activities you can do inside or in your neighborhood. Download this FREE activity packet and get started with word searches, scavenger hunt, coloring page and more.
  • Engaging Activities for Teens Stuck at Home – Don’t let your teens just sit around when they are stuck inside. Check out these tips on keeping them engaged and active when they can’t get out of the house.
  • DIY Paper Flowers for Kids – Try making these beautiful paper flowers at home with your kids. They are perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or just as a pick-me-up when you need a little cheer. All are simple and fun to make.

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