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Do you have a little student that is excited about learning how to read? Is your young reader ready to move forward to longer words and chapter books? If so, a subscription to Reading Unlocked is just what your homeschool needs!

Reading Unlocked is an online program designed to enhance your child’s reading skills at various stages. In just 10-15 minutes a day, their Simplified Phonics™ program will bridge gaps for beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers to move toward accomplishing and exceeding their next level. By pairing this educational method with their multisensory approach, your child is sure to improve their reading abilities.

This unique Simplified Phonics™ program was designed using the Orton-Gillingham method. This method teaches children to read by focusing on how letters are pronounced and moving right into blending short words. For example, beginners start their lessons with three-letter words and three-sound words like cat. Soon after they progress to four-sound words and eventually work toward multisyllabic words like elephant. Phonics is also taught using auditory exercises to increase awareness when learning letter sounds.

Reading Unlocked’s specialized system includes a total of 100 lessons. A subscription to the program provides access to the online lessons which are compatible with laptop, desktop, or tablet screens.

Beginners can use this program to learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and start reading short words. Daily practice by intermediate readers will move them toward better phonological awareness in longer words and longer sentences. Advanced readers will progress toward completing chapter books and reading poetry. Each level presents structured activities that adapt to your child and review mistakes continuously. Previously learned material is also reviewed throughout the program to ensure concepts are not forgotten. This program is also noted to be suitable for dyslexic children or those currently struggling with reading.

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