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The fourth edition of BJU Press Focus on Fives published by BJU Press Homeschool is a fun and inviting curriculum geared for kindergarten children that can be used in a homeschool setting. There are six goals outlined including inviting students into the excitement of learning with the integration of a Christian worldview while providing phonics, handwriting, and reading comprehension instruction. The worldview focuses upon four key elements: “God is great and God is good; God created me and all things; the Bible is God’s Word, and it is true; and I learn in order to serve God and others.”

BJU Press publishes textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families with a Biblical Worldview. Each course they offer is presented with a variety of activities to meet the needs of different learners. You can find courses for four-year-olds all the way up to 12th graders among their curriculum. There are video courses, textbooks, and testing products for your homeschool needs.

The BJU Press Focus on Fives Subject Kit will get your five-year-old ready for first grade. Your children will be introduced via age-appropriate activities to handwriting, reading, phonics, science, and social studies.

There are a variety of instructional materials divided into student materials and teacher materials. Some of the items will need to be prepared by the teacher or parent prior to use.

Student Materials

  • Worktext
  • Phonics Practice book 
  • Phonics and Review Cards
  • Write Now! book 
  • 34 Reading Books 

Teacher Materials 

  • Phonic Charts with Alphabet Cards, Handwriting Charts, Spelling Cards, High-Frequency Word Cards, Word Family Cards, and Phonic Characters 
  • Spiral-bound Visuals Flip Chart 
  • Six spiral-bound Teacher’s Edition Books

The Teacher’s Edition presents the lessons for each unit along with objectives, suggestions for learning centers, snacks, field trips, storytime, arts and crafts, incorporating motor skills practice, science activities, and Bible connections. There are specific instructions as to how to use the various student and teacher materials during your lessons.

There are seven units to be taught over the course of 180 lessons. 

  • Unit 1: All Around Town 
  • Unit 2: Bookshelf Friends
  • Unit 3: Ants to Elephants 
  • Unit 4: Mountains High to Oceans Deep
  • Unit 5: Blue Skies and Gray 
  • Unit 6: Garden Paths and Wandering Trails
  • Unit 7: Review Lessons 

There will also be optional videos available in July 2020. The video lessons will introduce phonics and reading as well as sharing information on biblical themes and science activities.

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