Psalms for my Day, 30 Prophecies: One Story & Not If, But When Reviews

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Christian Focus has a laser like focus on communicating the message of God’s word through the books they publish.  Since 1970, they have published books from authors all over the world, as well as publishing in over 70 languages! They have a deep dedication to biblically-accurate children’s books that will help get your children excited about learning God’s Word.  Here are a few selections the Crew has been reading lately:

Psalms for my Day  

This 31 chapter devotional based on the Psalms includes 2 reading levels – a  4-6 year old ‘Read to Me’ and a 7-11 year old ‘Read Myself’ level. The short day-by-day devotionals are great for helping children dig deeper into Scripture for themselves and include a short prayer and color illustrations.

30 Prophecies: One Story

With a dual reading level, ages  5-11 years – ‘Read to Me’ and 6-12 years ‘Read Myself’, this book explores 30 prophecies found and fulfilled in the Bible.  Each prophecy explains the dates, locations and how it was fulfilled. Every prophecy includes how it ties together with the story of the Bible, as well as, application points and prayer steps to follow. 

Not If, But When

This book discusses the issue of pornography and is recommended for parents read with their children, ages 7-11. It’s a tool to help explore the problems, challenges and truth of God’s design for sex. It features a “boy story” and a “girl story” with reading and discussion questions to get parents and children talking about this important issue. 

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Thank you to Renita Bentz of Mom of Many for writing this introductory article.

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