The Hidden Message of the Great Seal Reviews

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Do you believe that there is a mission and calling upon every American? As you read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth From The Dawn Of Liberty May Rescue A Republic In Peril, you will see there is a trust every one of us has inherited as a keeper of this great republic. What a journey we can go on, with our children, as we explore different places, uncover the meaning behind historical symbols and find the message hidden within. 

“Our energy is not applied to debate, but only to choice. Will you, can you, see and understand? And having seen, act on behalf of the many?”

See how Jefferson, Adams and Franklin not only designed these symbols for a seal, but also used allegory to place a hidden message within them. As each page is turned, find clues to piece this puzzle together and find a powerful truth. 

The message of freedom expands as we go back to see how it relates to the covenant God established with Abraham. Learn about the roots of democracy and how they draw us ever nearer to the love of God. Just as the tiny nation of Israel was commissioned to reach the world through a few, so too as truth sets us free we are to go and instruct those who have not heard themselves. 

This book comes at a time when we all are called to sacrifice, to experience some inconvenience. But what if this is simply setting the stage for a greater work, one that can profit the whole nation? Enter into the pages of this controversial book that will challenge you to consider a greater purpose and plan.

Michael Kanis

About the Author

Michael Kanis has a BA in Business and an MBA in Finance and Operations. A visit to Valley Forge, PA sparked a fascination in the United States Seal that resulted in the investment of thousands of hours of research, many of them at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Michael has made it his mission since the initial discoveries to share what he has learned about this national treasure, with the nation for whom it was written.

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  1. I used Michael’s generous coupon offer and am fascinated with the historical details included in this book. It is a high quality book with many color photos of artifacts. It has given a wonderful perspective on the integrity of our nation’s founding fathers and hope that we can return our country to integrity.


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