October Home School Round Up {Homeschool Collection}

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Welcome to the October Homeschool Collection! We’re so excited you have joined us to enjoy some homeschool encouragement. Please grab a cup of your favorite beverage, find a quiet corner, and allow our team to share some of their thoughts with you.

During the month of October the Crew reviewed some great homeschooling resources. Be sure to check these out:

Yvie from Homeschool On the Range shares

  • Creative Writing for Teens: Writing a Ghost Story – Scary stories, or horror stories, are one of the favorite genres of middle and high school students, especially this time of year! Well-written novels in this genre devote a lot of space to crafting the perfect setting, one which lends itself to creepiness….
  • Elections Unit Study – Every four years, it happens, and 2020 is an election year here in the United States. It’s a great time to dust off those civics lessons and teach them when the kids can watch them being acted out on center stage!
  • Anatomy Unit Study – Our bodies are machines, and any good mechanic will tell you that machines run better when you know how they work. We’re using these hands-on activities for super-fun learning!
  • Make-Ahead Hearty Autumn Meal – The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder. There’s nothing like a warm soup with some crusty bread to warm your tummy! Here is an easy freezer autumn dinner, with half for dinner and half to freeze for later.

Emma from Lots of Helpers shares

Annette from A Net in Time shares

  • Choosing where to work – Comfort, convenience, location… how do you choose what your favorite furniture is? Or even why do your children choose to school where they do?
  • Living books for World War 2 – Books we used to help us better understand World War 2. Living books teach more than history, they also convey emotion, culture, geography, all within a historical context.
  • God himself is with us – A hymn study on a lovely hymn, learning about the author and thinking about the words of the song.
  • Books read lately – Talking about some of the books I have read recently, mysteries, reviews, and more. What have you read lately?

Kristen from A Mom’s Quest to Teach shares

  • How Do You Pick a History Curriculum? – Tips from A Mom’s Quest to Teach for picking the best history curriculum for your homeschool and family.
  • How Can You Supplement Your History Curriculum? – There are so many fun and educational ways you can supplement your homeschool history curriculum. From visiting historical sites and reading about history to watching history movies (both fiction and non-fiction), it is easy to supplement your homeschool history curriculum.
  • Homeschooling and Grading – Because many parents new to homeschooling question how to grade homeschool assignments, keep track of those grades, issue report cards, and/or issue transcripts, I share my ideas and suggestions for homeschooling and grading.
  • Book Club: Children’s Autumn-Themed Books – Does your family have any favorite Autumn-themed children’s books? Perhaps there are a few board books that always seem to find their way into your Fall Morning Basket? Find out a few new ones of ours!

Richie from Homeschool and Humor shares

  • Brain Puzzles for Toddlers – Bunny Peek-A-Boo – Toddlers grow at a rapid pace! And their brains are actively developing every single day all day! Using Bunny Peek-A-Boo by Timberdoodle targets critical development skills in toddlers! See how I used Bunny Peek-A-Boo with my toddler, Scout!
  • How To Discover Your Child’s Homeschool Learning Style – What’s your child’s learning style? Lesson 4 of the HTH series is all about learning styles! You can save money, have a fantastic homeschool year, and your kids will literally THRIVE all year – just by knowing their learning style! Read on to discover your child’s learning style.
  • A Fun Washington DC Unit Study For Kids – Here’s a brilliant way to study our nation’s capital – Washington DC by using Timberdoodle’s Doodle Washington DC for kids book! I outline the steps and even give you an example of a Washington DC Unit Study using Doodle Washington DC.
  • How To Know What To Teach Your Child For Homeschool – If you’re at a loss wondering what to teach your child for homeschool, I have the perfect solutions to your questions. Whether you have state requirements or not, you’ll know exactly what to teach your child for homeschool after reading this.

Lisa from Homeschool Notes shares

  • Sandpaper Letters: Are They Worth the Money? – If you follow Maria Montessori’s methods for educating young children, then the answer is obvious. Yes, sandpaper letters are worth the money! But what about other folks teaching kids using traditional practices? Do you really need sandpaper letters or is a deck of letter flashcards enough?
  • Best Loved Science Gifts for Boys That Will Get Them Reading Too – Did you know that statistically, boys lag behind girls in reading? When boys do read, they’re more inclined to read informational texts and about topics that interest them. For that reason, giving boys science gifts that will get them reading too is a wonderful idea. Here are several gift ideas that can help boys connect reading to something they love to do with their hands.
  • 25 Days of Writing for the Holiday Season – The holiday season provides ample opportunities for writing about different topics and in different genres. Try out some or all of the 25 writing ideas to add some sparkle to your writing time and draw you together as a family.

Teresa from Teresa Brouillette shares

  • Finding a Snail Mail Pen Pal – Letter writing is a fun way to practice written communication while developing a relationship with a faraway friend. Here are tips to develop letter writing skills, and ideas to safely find a snail mail pen pal.
  • Researching Current Events {Free Printable} – Researching news and current events are great ways to get kids engaged in their community and world. Get students started with a list of online news sites and printable report form.
  • Delicious Hot Cocoa Mix – Ditch the store-bought hot chocolate and make your own delicious hot cocoa mix. It’s the perfect cold-weather treat!

Dawn from Schoolin’ Swag shares

Jessica from My Homeschool with a View shares

  • Homeschool Curriculum Conversations: Math – Join the conversation! I’m talking about math curriculum that I have used and I like. Ask questions and give your opinion on all things homeschool math.
  • Homeschooling is a Blessing – We are blessed even in the crazy and chaos of homeschooling. Blessing doesn’t come from our circumstances, it comes from God.

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