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Learning happens a lot faster when it involves fun and games, and, like we found out earlier this year, Byron’s Games is working hard to join important educational content with fun in some great games!  In March, the Homeschool Review Crew tried out The Continent Race that turned out to be a great addition to any Geography curriculum.  This time the Crew received Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game.  

Every homeschool needs a fun way to work on those math facts!  Math Sprint is for 2-8 players (or teams) age 7 and up, and an entire game takes about 30 minutes. The object of the game is to win the race or get to the finish line by answering mental math questions.  There are 4 types of cards, including 92 addition and subtraction, 106 multiplication and division, 30 wild cards, and 30 challenge cards, making the game flexible to the needs of the players’ educational level.  The wild cards are dry-erase cards that you can write whatever problems you would like on them.  This helps when students struggle with a particular group of math facts, especially in multiplication and division. 

With a running track game board and little runners as game pieces, this competition-style game gives each player a fun motivation to think of those answers a little bit faster.  There is a 100, 400, and 500 meter Dash which allows for shorter games when needed. Since even older students enjoy impressing their family with their math skills, Math Sprint can be enjoyed by multiple ages.

The items Included in Math Sprint are:

  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 258 Cards
  • 1 Marker
  • 1 Running Track Board
  • 10 Dry Erase Cards
  • 8 Runner Playing Pieces

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Thank you to Amy B. at the WRITE Balance for writing this introduction article.

We had 40 families try their hand at this game which includes a variety of ages and game play.  Check out their reviews to see how it worked in different households.

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