Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Byron’s Games. Learning happens a lot faster when it involves fun and games, and, like we found out earlier this year, Byron’s Games is working hard to join important educational content with fun in some great games!  In March, the Homeschool Review Crew tried out The Continent Race that … Read more

Critical Thinking, Math, Vocabulary & Writing Skills Reviews

This article is in collaboration with The Critical Thinking Co. How many of us worry about our children’s critical thinking ability? That ability to guide our decisions, is so important in life. For the past several weeks, members of the Homeschool Review Crew have had the opportunity to review different titles from The Critical Thinking … Read more

Math Rider Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Math Rider. Does your child need help mastering his or her math facts? Math Rider is a computer math facts game that teaches mastery of all 4 math operations with numbers 1-12 and is designed for children ages 6-12. It was designed by a software architect for his own … Read more

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