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This article is in collaboration with Help Teaching.

Help Teaching is an online subscription service that helps homeschool parents create or choose tests, worksheets, or lessons for their children. You can choose to download them as a pdf or assign them to be completed online.

Help Teaching has a free and a paid service. The Homeschool Review Crew has been reviewing the Pro subscription for the last few weeks. 

The Pro Subscription provides:

  • unlimited custom tests and worksheets
  • up to 100 Questions limit in custom tests & worksheets
  • an Ad-free experience
  • usage of their library of custom questions and images
  • the ability to save as PDF for tests and worksheets
  • the ability to create your own lessons with embedded videos
  • an online test room to administer tests
  • Pre-made Premium Common Core ELA & Math Content
  • Access to their library of over 20,000 Common Core aligned ELA & math questions

The Help Teaching Pro subscription contains content for grades k-12, and you can print or create worksheets and tests for all of your homeschool children with one subscription. The pre-made content works well so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch. However, the ability to customize and create your own works great for when you want to create something to work with an existing curriculum.

Worksheets you create get saved in your account so that you can use them again if needed. Also, since Help Teaching aligns with many state standards for common core, it takes the pressure off the parent when creating. 

With a variety of subjects, Help Teaching allows parents the ability to cover various topics and create courses, even if you didn’t previously have a curriculum for it. Plus, if you have trouble accessing materials, Help Teaching contains tutorials to help!

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Thank you Lesa of Misfit Mama Bear Haven for writing this introductory article.

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