HelpTeaching Pro Subscription Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Help Teaching. Help Teaching is an online subscription service that helps homeschool parents create or choose tests, worksheets, or lessons for their children. You can choose to download them as a pdf or assign them to be completed online. Help Teaching has a free and a paid service. The … Read more

Mastering Study Skills

“Work smarter, not harder.”  These are words I taught my children at a young age…though some days they come back to bite me.  I’m thinking of that time they programmed a robot to mop the floors….  Highly successful students embody that statement.  They have learned to work smarter, not harder, and you can, too!   Cyclical … Read more

CLEP & DSST Exam Prep Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Raise your hand if you have students in High School. Anyone? If your arm is in the air, there is a good chance that you are in the throes of college prep. These years before sending kids off to college can seem daunting at best, and downright scary … Read more

The Lonely Path of Homeschooling Older Children

While immersed in the world of homeschooling preschoolers and kindergarteners, it’s hard to imagine (because you have to go through it to accept it as reality) that kids really do grow up eventually. It’s true! At some point between when your kids stop taking daily naps and you start the habit, you become the homeschooler … Read more

Help Teaching Pro Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Life is so busy and doesn’t leave us much energy for extras.  When our kids do need a little extra educational help, why waste time searching all over for the extra learning materials we need?  The Pro Subscription from is an online program that gives parents … Read more

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