Things That Make You Smile – And a Link-Up

This year has been a crazy year. We have seen so many things that are hard to understand, no matter your viewpoint. So today, let’s focus on things that make you smile!

My Kids

Yes, my kids make me smile. More times than not. Watching them learn and grow is my favorite thing to do. Seeing as they learn new things, as things click in their brain, these things make me smile!

My Pets

Oh my pets can make me smile or get me angry. Most of the time it is smile. They are always there when someone in the house needs a smile. They love to give us cuddles when we seem to need it the most.

My Plants

Oh how I love a good plant. Be it an indoor plant, or a vegetable plant. Watching them grow is soothing to the soul. It just brings a sense of peace. My children are falling in love with plants also. I love watching them smile as they take care of their very own plants.

What are some things that bring a smile to your face?

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