Summer Reading for High School Students

summer reading high school students

Carol @ Home Sweet Life – Thankful Thursdays  – Summer Reading

I am thankful that Arlene (& her older sister Emily) love to read . . . but it can be a real balancing act between getting them to read quality books, getting their chores done, and still having time for outdoor summer activities.

Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool Corner — High School Reading

I’m starting to compile a list of books that I’d like Emily to read for high school.

Brandi @ Brandi Raae — Crew Carnival: Summer Reading for High School Students {Fantasy Fiction}

 Fantasy fiction has always been a favorite in our household. Dragons, wizards, faeries, elves, dwarves, hobbits . . . you name it, we love it! . . . but it’s getting harder and harder to find good books in this genre. And by good, I mean quality and moral. It’s quite the scary feeling when your teen wants to drift away from the youth section in the library to the adult section.

Tere @ Teachable Scotts Tots — Great Summertime Reading for High Schoolers

Summer is half way over, and it seems to be just whizzing by to me and my household of children, my oldest entering high school in the fall. He is no longer interested in the local library summer reading program, thanks in part to a poorly chosen zombie theme last year, and really prefers to read everything online in the form of technical computer forums anyway. So, what do other high schooler read?

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break — A Reading List for the Reluctant Reader

My high school student isn’t going to pick up very many books on his own during the summer. So my approach to the summer reading list is to promote the idea that he can get a head start on his literature courses for the coming school year if he gets even one or two of the books read during the summer, when he has fewer academic demands.

Jennifer @ Royal Little Lambs — Summer Reading

I am blessed that I don’t have to bribe or coerce my kids to read at any time of year. All four of my kids love books and love to read and be read to.

Michele @ Faith, Family, and Fridays — High School Must Reads

Keep in mind this is a pleasure reading list. Our kids have pretty intense reading lists for 9th-12th grade and there you will find all the “classics,” from A Scarlet Letter to To Kill a Mockingbird. And some of those they even enjoyed! But this list – just think curled up in a hammock or by a fire reading for just the fun and pleasure of it!

Laura @ Day by Day in Our World — Summer Reading for High School Students ~ Merging Books with Movies

The lazy days of summer may have arrived, but that does not mean learning has to stop completely. I am so grateful that my boys enjoy reading for pleasure. As much as the teens love to watch a movie or play video games, they will also grab a book and keep reading to devour the pages.

Lis @ ~Acorns ~Nuggets of Gold — Medieval Fiction and Fantasy, Labor Strikes, Race Riots, Dystopia~ High school reads~ the world at your fingertips

Filling out a “Board” of books was like going on a treasure hunt to find titles that would fit each genre… FUN (but time consuming… hopefully this will save someone else a little bit of time if they want to do something similar)!

Jennifer @ a glimpse of our life — Summer Reading for Teenage Girls

My daughters’ summer reading selections . . .

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