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Is it May, already? We are all looking toward the warmer weather and possibly a break from school which for many homeschool families means we are looking toward purchases for our homeschool next year. For Classical homeschoolers, Latin is often the forefront, and going to the next level is what many families will be doing as well as discovering what Latin program might work best for their students. Memoria Press has proven to be a leader in the homeschooling and cottage school community. It is a joyful time for the crew as many of our reviewers have been deep in a classical education study with some of the best programs from Memoria Press.

During this review, our families have been given a variety of the family of Latin programs to review from Memoria Press for students from approximately second grade through an intermediate level. Please note, that Memoria Press also has advanced level studies that are not included in these reviews.

Prima Latina Complete set is a program with a gentle introduction for elementary students.

Latina Christiana Complete set is a beginner program, like Prima Latina that goes further and a little bit faster. Latina Christiana is recommended for students in later elementary and middle school levels.

First Form Latin Complete set is another beginner program for older students (middle school or advanced later grammar/elementary school levels).

Second Form Latin Complete set is the continuation of the Form series and is followed by Third Form Latin Complete set and Fourth Form Latin Complete set.

The study of Latin can begin on any beginner level depending on the student’s age and progress level. It can be strengthened by working through the structure designed by the long experienced guidance of Memoria Press. Each Latin program is best used with an individual consumable student workbook and teacher manual. Other resources are available to make the program even more successful include flashcards, DVD instruction, test booklets, and so on. In the earliest levels of Memoria Press Latin, there is one workbook and manual. The more intermediate levels add resources such as Review Workbooks, and the Form series adds a Student Book for reading and learning as well as a Teacher Key in addition to the workbook and manual.

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A big thank you to Margaret Chind of Creative Madness Mama for writing this introductory article.

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