The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Spring Issue Reviews

Homeschooling is an adventure from start to finish. Some days are smooth sailing, while others are filled with waves of interruptions, sickness, and short tempers. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that there are others in the same boat, riding those same waves.  Isn’t it wonderful that there are publications like The Old Schoolhouse Magazine® … Read more

Take a peek inside the December issue of TOS Magazine . . . and you’re invited to our TOS Staff Christmas Party!

Family education: living, loving, and learning together—that’s what homeschooling is all about. In the new December issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, you’ll find the help you need to teach your children when you’re at home, when you’re out and about, and when you’re teaching formally or informally. Peruse more than 125 pages within this … Read more

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