It’s Better on the App: Stay Inside to Homeschool This Winter

The Winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is here. Look inside this edition for homeschool fun and games, how to teach logic and strategy, and writing tips. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy season and snuggle up—hot chocolate in hand—and read this brand-new edition from cover to cover to inspire you as you head into the new year. It’s better on the app!

When it is cold outside, do you hibernate? May I recommend that you stay inside to homeschool this winter using the TOS App? At your fingertips you will have access to the latest articles in the Winter issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine as well as access to The Homeschool Minute, articles on, and more! Advice, encouragement, resources, and ideas for your homeschool are ready to inspire you 

Stay Inside to Homeschool with Games

The winter months provide the perfect opportunity to homeschool with games! Whether you choose educational ones such as Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game or Continent Race from Byron’s Games or board games or even video games, each one can provide valuable learning opportunities. Many games help children work on building healthy relationships as they compete or work together. Problem solving, critical thinking, and following directions are just a few of the skills that all games can help grow. 

Games play an important part in homeschooling. “Game playing is one of the beauties of homeschooling. Rarely do kids at school get to play a game in class, other than the occasional computer game. And as a homeschooling parent you get to select the game!” writes Debbie Wright Swisher in What’s in a Game? When Learning is Fun

In addition to building different skills, games also provide a fun way to take a break from homeschool lessons. And sometimes our children don’t even realize they are learning during gameplay. For example, when playing Raccoon Rumpus or Koala Capers, preschoolers are working on colors, patterns, and memory skills. 

Reading during the Winter 

The winter provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on your to-read book pile. You can also use it as a chance to stay inside to homeschool and focus on language arts. Don’t be afraid to mix in classics or books that bring the summer to your cold, wintery days. 

A favorite author in our house is J.R.R. Tolkien. We have several copies of The Lord of The Rings series, The Hobbit, and his other works. Our oldest took Christian Values in J.R.R. Tolkien with and our youngest has enjoyed watching the Rankin/Bass cartoon of The Hobbit almost weekly. If you want to read more about Tolkien, the Winter 2023–2024 issue offers an article by Lynne Tagawa, Poetry in Prose: The Genius of J.R.R. Tolkien

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It’s Better on the App: Stay Inside to Homeschool This Winter Play games; Read books; Be encouraged Author

This article has been written by Kristen Heider. She is the Business Building Team Manager of The Old Schoolhouse® and the Social Media Manager of She shares more about her family’s homeschooling journey at A Mom’s Quest Teach.

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