Light of Mine Unit Study for Your Homeschool

This article is in collaboration with Tower of Light Christian Resources LLC.

For families who enjoy good literature in their homeschool and want to dive deeper into the books using unit studies, Towers of Light Christian Resources, LLC  offers  Light of Mine Unit Study- Premium.

Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC publishes books for students/children to read that are Biblically based and share Christian values. Now, they have decided to take it a step further and create a unit study to go with the first book in the Towers of Light Series. 

Light of Mine Unit Study for Your Homeschool

Light of Mine Unit Study

Towers of Light Christian Resources designed this unit study to take four weeks to complete. Each day of the Unit Study, students will read one chapter. The chapters vary in length but average 10-12 pages each. Strong readers can read the book on their own. Alternatively, families may want to read it as a read-aloud. Families with multiple children may have everyone take turns reading aloud.

Light of Mine Unit Study- Premium comes with everything needed to bring the book to life. 

  • Paperback Novel
  • Workbook
  • Pathway Personal Player
  • USB Flash Drive containing MP3 Audiobook
A photo of the book, unit study and digital edition

Towers of Light Christian Resources, LLC also offers a digital edition!

  • Kindle edition of the novel (available for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited)
  • Digital Unit Study included with the Kindle Edition
  • Audiobook available from Audible.

The workbook is the unit study and contains everything the student and parent need. The workbook includes a brief introduction and a one-page teacher guide. Because it is a consumable workbook, each student will need one. The Unit Study lays out each week a five-day pattern that consists of daily reading, vocabulary, scripture memory, and reading comprehension questions. In addition, each week includes a coloring page, a puzzle, and a hands-on activity.

A photo of the unit study being used. Read the Reviews!

The Light of Mine book is 222 pages long; It is the first book in a six-book series. Written by Allen Brokken, the novel follows the adventures of Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan as they try to navigate life without their parents to guide them. With their trio of blessed pets, they must stop the agents of the Dark One from putting out the Light and dooming their home to eternal Darkness.

What’s in the Premium Bundle?

Stacey Bradshaw narrates the Light of Mine audiobook. The USB flash drive format allows families to listen to the read-aloud together. Families, who listen to audiobooks while driving, will appreciate being able to use the USB MP3 files in the USB port of newer vehicles.

The Premium Bundle also includes the audiobook pre-loaded on a Pathway Personal Player. Created to help struggling readers, the Pathway Personal Player allows students to listen to the MP3 files while reading the paperback novel.

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Special thanks to Erin S of For Him and My Family for writing this Introduction Article. 

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  1. I would like to thank all of the reviewers for taking the time to share their thoughts on the Light of Mine Unit Study and how it met their families educational needs. Based on this feedback we’ll be producing an expanded offering that includes more books, and I might just have to post Ethan’s original oaka-meal recipie. 🙂


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