Classical Christian Education Resources From Memoria Press

This Classical Christian Education article is in collaboration with Memoria Press.

Memoria Press has much to offer for the parent looking for resources for a classical Christian education.

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company producing education material for homeschooling families. In addition, Memoria Press promotes the classical heritage of the Christian West.

Mathematics for Classical Christian Education

Practicing math problems is one of the most efficient ways to help students master math. Memoria Math Challenge focuses on giving students daily practice. In addition, the Memoria Math Challenge aids teachers in evaluating students’ immediate recall of math facts. There are three levels: levels A, B, and C.

Classical Christian Education with Memoria Math Challenge Books

Level A, directed toward the kindergarten level, teaches writing numbers, counting, and addition/subtraction up to seven. And then Level B has addition and subtraction up to ten. And finally, Level C is addition and subtraction numbers up to eighteen. By the end of level C, students will be doing two hundred problems daily with ease. Memoria Math Challenge is easy to use with precut sheets to pull out. Each level includes a teacher’s key ease of checking answers.

Latin for Classical Christian Education

Prima Latina is an introduction to Christian Latin. Memoria Press created it as a transition into Latin Christiana. This allows students to complete an entire Latin sequence without missing any vital vocabulary or concepts.

Classical Christian Education covers of Prima Latina

The Prima Latina Complete Set teaches essential English and Latin grammar vocabulary, prayers, hymns, sayings, concepts, and constellations. In addition, the complete sets provide families with a student book, teacher manual, flashcards, instructional DVDs, and audio pronunciation guide.

Designed for young elementary children, the lessons provide exercises for constant review of materials learned. This would be a perfect choice for families with young children who are still learning English grammar but want to learn Latin at a slow pace and those who would like to start teaching Latin early to lay a foundation for a language arts program.

Classical Christian Education cover of Latina Christiana

Memoria Press created Latina Christiana as a beginner course for students interested in learning Latin, and they wrote it for the teacher with zero background in Latin. It includes everything needed to start a Latin adventure. Cheryl Lowe uses easy instructions and a step-by-step application. Latina Christiana Complete Set consists of 25 lessons + 5 review lessons Student Book, Teacher Manual, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards, Instructional DVDs. An optional history component is taken from chapters 1-13 of Famous Men of Rome and includes a history test.

Classical Christian Education cover of First Form Latin

More than 100,000 students have used First Form Latin across the world. This set focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and forms and teaches students how to use the grammar and translation at a slow, gentle pace taught for mastery. This set is ideal for all beginners, grades five and up, or as a follow-up to Latina Christiana. First Form Latin will be your guide teachers as students climb the mountain of Latin Grammar.

It provides two unique features: (1) teaching grammar systematically rather than topically to keep retention and understanding, and (2) workbook exercises to gain skills mastery and rapid recognition of forms.

First Form Latin Complete Set includes Student Text, Teacher Manual, Student Workbook, Quizzes & Tests, Teacher Key, Pronunciation CD, Flashcards, and DVDs (3 discs, 9 hours, 15-20 min/lesson).

History for Classical Christian Education

Famous Men of Rome is for beginners of all ages interested in the action and drama of Rome. Through the story of each famous Roman, students learn Rome’s history, from its founding to its demise. Twenty-nine chapters focus on one (or two) famous Roman men. The last chapter tells the story of the End of the Western Empire. In addition, Famous Men of Rome includes maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire, a glossary of people and places, and a pronunciation guide.

Classical Christian Education cover of Famous Men of Rome

The Famous Men of Rome Complete Set includes the book, the Student Guide, and flashcards. Each lesson in the Student Guide includes Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities.

Likewise, Famous Men of Greece digs into the minds and lives of thirty-two famous Greeks through detailed stories on the rise, Golden Age, and the fall of Greece. It includes the triumphs of Aristotle, Ptolemy, Odysseus, Pericles, Alexander the Great, and many others.

Classical Christian Education cover of Famous Men of Greece

Famous Men of Greece Student Guide has thirty workbook lessons; each lesson includes Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities. The Famous Men of Greece Complete Set consists of a Famous Men of Greece, the Student Guide, the Teacher’s Guide, and flashcards.

Dorothy Mills History Books for Classical Christian Education

Memoria Press is proud to bring back Dorothy Mills’ history books, written in the 1920s, with added illustrations! The Book of the Ancient Greeks Set includes The Book of the Ancient Greeks by Dorothy Mills, the Student Guide, and the Teachers Guide.

Classical Christian Education cover of The Book of Ancient Greeks

Starting in Crete and ending in the Hellenistic Age, students will learn about the primordial defense of democracy in the Persian Wars, the heyday of Athens, the self-destruction of the Peloponnesian Wars, and the development of democracy.

Another Dorothy Mills classic history textbook, The Book of the Ancient Romans, covers over 1,200 years of history and is a classic for classical Christian education. This program covers the rise and fall of a monarchy, the embracing of a republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire.

Classical Christian Education cover of The Book of the Ancient Romans

In addition, it teaches students principles about human nature and society. This Memoria Press edition includes illustrations of famous places and battles, and maps of the Roman world, covering Roman history for younger students, immersing them in the period. The Book of Ancient Romans Set includes The Book of Ancient Romans by Dorothy Mills, the Student Guide, and the Teachers Guide.

Classical Christian Education Resources from Memoria Press

Memoria Press also offers Literature and Poetry, Science and Logic for those looking for classical Christian education resources.

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  1. Memoria Press does an EXCELLENT job with their Latin materials so that parents can help their kids learn Latin even if they themselves do not have a background in Latin. Their live online Latin classes are excellent for when the kids need a more formal teacher! We’ve used some of their literature materials and been pleased, too.


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