Online Math Curriculum for Homeschoolers

This article is in collaboration with CTCMath.

Parents looking for a comprehensive, affordable, and online math curriculum for their children will want to explore CTCMath.

CTCMath is a complete, online math curriculum available for Kindergarten through 12th grade. This online math curriculum boasts many excellent features.

What this Online Math Curriculum Includes

  • Video Tutorials – Each lesson has a video tutorial to watch that teaches the math concepts step-by-step. These videos are 4-9 minutes long, with plenty of examples and explanations. Seeing and hearing the math problems worked out is extremely helpful for many. These pre-recorded video tutorials are available anytime and on any device.
CTCMath Online Math Curriculum Video Tutorials
  • Interactive Questions – These questions follow each video tutorial to evaluate how well the lesson is understood. The questions can be read aloud if needed and are instantly marked right or wrong for immediate feedback. The questions increase in difficulty with the progress of the child. Students can go back and work another set of problems if they need additional practice.
  • Worksheets and Solutions – Parents can print out worksheets if their child prefers using pencil and paper to solve math problems. This would benefit the older grades when the problems need plenty of room to be worked out. In addition, students can input the answers to receive immediate feedback.
CTCMath Printable Worksheets
  • Reports – These reports are emailed weekly to the parent’s email address and are available to view in the parent’s account. These reports show the number of lessons completed, the scores, and the time spent on each lesson. This is a fantastic way for parents to know how their child is doing in math.
  • Extra Games – Students can play Speed Skills and Times Tales games to help them master their math facts. There is also a logic game called Swap Pieces which can help students with critical thinking. 
  • High School Courses – The high school courses include Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.

Self-Paced Learning

CTCMath allows children to learn at their own pace. Students can skip ahead of lessons they already know or slow down and repeat lessons not yet mastered. Children can also monitor their progress, building their confidence and showing them how far they have come. In addition, each student account shows the cumulative percentage earned so far, giving the motivation to work harder to get to the next level.

Using the parent account, parents can view the logins and times each student spent on lessons, what lessons they watched and attempted, and their scores. Parents can also add tasks and view the weekly reports in one spot.

Pat Murray is the teacher and voice behind the video tutorials. He is a homeschool dad of ten children and has been tutoring and teaching math for over thirty years. He believes short, concise lessons with plenty of student practice and multi-sensory learning are the most effective for teaching math. CTCMath is not aligned with Common Core as it teaches math the traditional way. 

With a monthly or yearly family membership, homeschool families get access to all of the math levels for as many children as are in their household. There is also a single-student membership available. For homeschoolers, the membership to this online math curriculum is always 50% off!

Special thanks to Megan Russell from My Full Heart for writing this introductory article.

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