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It is an obvious thing to state that we are in the midst of a culture war. One only needs to turn on the radio, flip through the channels on the television, or view the movie selections at the cinema. Christian parents may find themselves wondering how to instill in their children, a faith in God that will stand against the world and its arguments against a biblical worldview.

Thankfully, there are some good, theologically sound resources available to help homeschooling parents and teachers in this task. One such example is Unbreakable Faith, an online course from the company, Pilgrim’s Rock, LLC. It is designed to equip Christian students with the knowledge necessary to defend the faith. This month, our Review Crew has been working through the course with their families.

Unbreakable Faith is suitable for students that are fifteen years or older, as well as adults. This online course includes 38 videos, as well as two text books:

God the Reason: How Infinite Excellence Gives Unbreakable Faith

The Box: Answering the Faith of Unbelief

 The course provides one High School credit upon completion. Pilgrim’s Rock, LLC. founder, Dr. Craig Biehl is the author of the required textbooks, as well as the teacher. This course may be completed in 36 weeks or less. This is a self paced course, allowing students to begin at any time. A detailed syllabus breaking down weekly assignments, quizzes, and tests is found on My Courses page.

What will students learn? Through videos and text, the course will demonstrate that the Christian faith is not only reasonable, but consistent with scientific evidence. This will be accomplished through a close study at the nature and attributes of God. Ultimately, those that complete the class will be encouraged as they become equipped to defend their Christian faith against the arguments of the world. Lord willing, the knowledge gained will aide in guarding students and adults against unbelief, while strengthening their faith. As Christians and parents, what could be more important?

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