Rain & God’s Reign {October Challenge Week 3}

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we entering into the rainy season.  In October there is green with evergreen trees and the brown grass of summer is green and growing.  The deciduous trees (what few we have) add a gorgeous splash of fall color. In front of my house, is this area we call the moat.  … Read more

The Unbreakable Faith Course Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Pilgrim’s Rock. It is an obvious thing to state that we are in the midst of a culture war. One only needs to turn on the radio, flip through the channels on the television, or view the movie selections at the cinema. Christian parents may find themselves wondering how … Read more

Forensic Faith for Kids Reviews

This article is collaboration with David C Cook and Case Makers Academy. A number of the Crew Review members have been spending time with their kids reading the book Forensic Faith, while working through the Case Makers Academy. Together, these two things can help our children learn to be more confident in sharing their faith … Read more

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